Photo A Day

No photo post today, guys. I am in hell at work and I am trying very hard to keep my shit together, but I have lost count of the number of times I’ve said FUCK THIS already today and I just can’t deal. Send liquor.

Photo A Day Project: Days 98-104

I decided to try to take a photo a day with my DSLR for 100 days. Here’s this week’s batch!

So, I’ve made it to 100 days (plus a few). I’m going to keep going for now. I love having these photos.

Day 98/April 14:  Did someone say treat? I can probably wake up for a treat.


Day 99/April 15: She got her name from her Nana, so I pretty much had to buy this shirt. And that’s Nana in the background, which makes this even better.


Day 100/April 16: “Heyooo?” At Easter brunch, she grabbed my cousin’s girlfriend’s phone from the table and had a full (serious) conversation with herself. This kid cracks me up.


Day 101/April 17: The minions are still on our wall. She loves them just as much as she did the day Catch drew them for her.


Day 102/April 18: Feeding the lorikeets at the aquarium. She was fascinated by the birds everywhere.


Day 103/April 19: A day at our favorite beach. She is a California girl.


Day 104/April 20: After dinner in the back yard. Her face is covered with watermelon and cottage cheese–cheeks still a bit rosy from the beach. I think she could have played outside all night if we’d let her.





I am back at work today after 5 days away from this place. If stepping off the elevator this morning felt like a hard slap in the face, then sitting down to sort through all of my unread email was kick to the head.

We had such a wonderful little break filled with family and fresh air.

On Saturday, we celebrated Easter with my dad’s side of the family. Charlotte finally got to meet her new baby cousin (we’ve been sick every time we’ve had a chance!). She also got to meet a tortoise, which was WAY more exciting than her baby cousin.

On Sunday, we hosted Easter brunch with my family. Charlotte got her Minions-themed Easter basket and then hunted for Minion Easter eggs in our back yard while moms drank the mimosas that turned out to be a huge mistake because champagne = ZzzZzZzzzzz. Then on Sunday afternoon, we headed to ANOTHER Easter with Catch’s family. Are you counting? That’s 3 Easters in 2 days. And I’m an atheist.

My in-laws came home with us after Easter dinner and spent the night, which gave Catch and I an opportunity to do some much-needed prep-work for an upcoming consignment sale on Monday morning. This sale has so many rules. I seriously hope it’s worth the hours (and hours and hours) we’re having to spend getting things ready.

On Tuesday morning, we woke up feeling particularly masochistic and decided to brave the 405 at morning rush hour to take the kid for her first visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Maybe someday, we will live in a city where it doesn’t take 2 hours to drive 40 miles, but Tuesday was not that day. Traffic aside, Charlotte had an absolute blast with the fishies. We had lunch at an overpriced tourist trap across the street from the aquarium because a) beer and b) we knew they served corn on the cob, which can easily occupy our kid for a good 15 minutes. The most important thing we learned is that moms should not day drink, because after lunch we were useless sloths who spent the rest of the afternoon counting the endless minutes until bedtime.

On Wednesday morning, we woke up still feeling every minute of Tuesday, but that didn’t stop us from joining the morning rush hour once again to drive the 80 miles to our favorite dog beach in Santa Barbara. (Did you know that there is not one single dog-friendly beach in LA County? Not one.) It was an absolutely gorgeous day at the beach. It’s probably good that we don’t live closer to that particular beach because redhead + easy beach access = skin cancer.

So that’s where we’ve been, and now it’s back to the grind. We have over 200 tags to affix to various consignment sale things over the next two days, so wish us luck.

Photo A Day Project: Days 91-97

I decided to try to take a photo a day with my DSLR for 100 days. Here’s this week’s batch!

Day 91/April 7:  Two pictures today to make up for the missing one from last week. The first one is me actually putting some thought into my photography, and it is a fantastic representation of my kid right now: dirty face, booger-covered nose and messy hair, but happy as long as she’s outside. The second is my dad showing up on an especially grumpy and tear-filled morning with the donuts that saved the day. Thanks, dad. We needed that.


Day 92/April 8: Hunting for Easter eggs at Underwood Farms. Charlotte and I were both sick, but it was a spectacular day anyway. We had so much fun.


Day 93/April 9: We brush her teeth wherever she’s willing to allow it.


Day 94/April 10: She has now picked and eaten EVERY SINGLE unripe strawberry from our strawberry patch. (Her other hand is holding a bubble gun, hence the bubbles.)


Day 95/April 11: Blurry, but joy-filled. She found this ball in the street on a walk with her mama, and it has been the center of her universe for 3 days now.


Day 96/April 12: This pretty much sums up how everyone in the house feels except the toddler.


Day 97/April 13: First it was the trampoline. “Bounce?” Then she had to have the big bag of balls. “Balls! Balls!” Then she insisted that she needed to watch Julia on Sesame Street RIGHT NOW. “Julia? Elmo? Julia?” So here we have all three things happening.



Bronchitis kicked my ass. After two weeks of absolutely no improvement, the doctor suggested on Friday that perhaps what I’m dealing with is bacterial rather than viral and wouldn’t you know it—a few days of antibiotics and I no longer have a cough that requires pantyliners. Praise dog. I’m still going through a box of tissues a day, but it was that deep, hacking cough that was really killing me.

Of course now, rather than being kept awake at night by my miserable cough, I am being kept awake by the toddler who still can’t breathe. Three weeks of this shit. We had two blissful days last week where we weren’t having to pin her down to suction her nose every hour. I even put the humidifier away on Thursday night, which I am NEVER EVER DOING AGAIN because she woke up Friday morning dripping like a faucet again. I am just SO DONE with this shit. We were up with her approximately every 90 minutes last night. I am getting too old for this.

She’s also working on her 2-year molars, which appears to be pure hell. So there’s that.

Apparently, Charlotte has some feelings about this combination of sickness and teething because Catch reported yesterday that she was stomping around the house yelling, “Damnit!” repeatedly. I feel ya, kid. I really do.

It appears we’re all just a bit on the grouchy side. (This one was courtesy of my mom when she babysat yesterday.)


Over the next 10-ish days, we’re supposed to prepare a shit ton of stuff to sell at a consignment sale (ugh—they make it so complicated!), host an Easter brunch, attend two other Easter events, and go camping for 3 days. Also, you know, work. It would be really great if we could all get healthy and maybe—I know this is a stretch—get more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep. Please.

Photo A Day Project: Days 84-90

I decided to try to take a photo a day with my DSLR for 100 days. Here’s this week’s batch!

For the first time, I missed a day. I’m kinda bummed. I know that’s silly.

Day 84/March 31:  She’s our water baby. If there’s water to be found, she will find it.


Day 85/April 1:  When Grammy gave her this sandbox, I didn’t think it would get nearly as much use as it has. Money well spent!


Day 86/April 2:  She looked up into the sky and said, “Ball!” “No, baby,” we told her, “That’s the moon.” “Oh, moon! Hi birdie!”


Day 87/April 3: Mama helps make the boo boos better.


Day 88/April 4: A water balloon fight to lighten a heavy day. They got me.


Day 89/April 5: She loves singing in the tub. Tonight, she kept saying, “Sing a song” and it took me a while to realize that she wanted me to play the song, Sing from our Sesame Street album.


Day 90/April 6:  Zip. Zero. Nada. Fail. The nanny complained this afternoon that our living room smells (thanks dogs), so we spent the evening vacuuming/ mopping/ febreezing every surface. Charlotte chased us around demanding, “I do.” I can’t wait until she can really mop effectively.

Three Thursday Things

At 4:50 on Tuesday morning, Catch and I stood helplessly and watched as our sweet hound girl, Twix, had a massive seizure. I cried. A lot. It was a very long day punctuated by 5 seizures (4 milder ones and one big one) and a lot of unknowns. I was afraid that by the end of it, there would be a huge gaping void in my bed and an even bigger one in my heart.

Every bit of me is radiating relief right now because more than 48 hours later, things are looking pretty good for our girl. She started meds on Tuesday afternoon, and no one has witnessed any seizure activity since she took that first pill. So far, she’s not having any side effects from the drugs, and she is her usual self. It’s a better outcome than I even thought we could hope for. Fingers crossed that it continues.


I am sick. Still? Again? I’m really not sure. I’m going on over 2 weeks of this crap and I am just SO. DONE. The worst of it is this deep, hacking cough that I can’t kick. It’s just sucking the life out of me. Every morning I wake up hoping there’ll be some improvement, and every morning I am disappointed. This is what happens when your body is completely run down from sleep deprivation. I am not getting enough rest and I’m not taking care of myself and I am paying for it. It sucks.

Last night at the dinner table, I had a particularly rough coughing fit that left me breathless and miserable. Charlotte thought it was the funniest thing she’s ever seen and when I finally stopped coughing, she enthusiastically demanded, “Again!” Toddlers, man. So much love.

My wife did all kinds of incredible things over the weekend to get Charlotte out of the house so that I could just lie in bed and rest. I hated missing out on those precious weekend hours with my kiddo, but I sure needed that down time.


We bought Charlotte a toddler pillow. She has absolutely zero interest in sleeping on said pillow. Instead, we get to watch as every night after we say good night and close the door, she methodically grabs each one of the “guys” in her crib, lays them on the pillow and says, “Night night dog. Night night Elmo. Night night hop. Night night giraffe.” (Bunnies are hops.) She offers each of them her paci, and then sings them You Are My Sunshine (her bedtime song). It has drastically increased the amount of time it takes her to fall asleep, but it is so damn cute that I can’t bring myself to put a stop to it.



I had a really bad day today. 

It started when Charlotte woke up at midnight and it took me forever to get her back to sleep. Then she was up again 2 hours later and it was another hour before I was able to get her back down. 

I feel like I blinked and it was time to get up. And of course I woke up with a cough courtesy of the family cold. 

Charlotte was grouchy and clingy and wouldn’t let me get ready for work. And today was an important work day so I needed to do the full hair & makeup thing. I ended up leaving the house way late. 

Then I had to sit in ridiculous traffic to get to West Hollywood for a meeting. A meeting where our executive team ripped me to shreds in front of my colleagues for things that are both completely out of my control and beyond the scope of my position. 

It was a 4 hour meeting. Halfway through, I felt a migraine setting in. By the time I left, my head was pounding. I had to drive home through a canyon in rush hour traffic feeling like I was going to have to stop the car and throw up. 

I pulled up at home and first thing, my wife saw the yellow paint on my bumper from the pole I didn’t see in the drive through at McDonalds yesterday when I bought Charlotte an ice cream cone. She was upset. Understandably. 

I started to cry. In an effort to hide the tears, I rubbed mascara into my eyes and it made them burn which made the tears even worse. 

But then?

My little girl wrapped her arms around me and as she rested her head on my shoulder, she declared with a sigh, “Mama’s here.”

I’m pretty sure she’s the only thing I’m doing right. I’d do today a thousand times over for her. 

Photo A Day Project: Days 77-83

I decided to try to take a photo a day with my DSLR for 100 days. Here’s this week’s batch!

My heart wasn’t in it this week. Too much sickness and exhaustion.

Day 77/March 24: Whirlwind evening. Didn’t pick up the camera until I was on my way to the couch, and I had no interest in doing anything but this.


Day 78/March 25: The first hint of sickness. She put her head down and said, “Night night.”


Day 79/March 26: No clue what’s going on here. It’s the only picture I took that day.


Day 80/March 27: We’ve been trying to get her to float on her back in the pool, so she’s teaching Abby how to float.


Day 81/March 28: The morning was ROUGH, but by late afternoon she was feeling well enough for some play time outside. Poor kid has some serious cabin fever.


Day 82/March 29: FaceTime with her auntie & uncle in Colorado while she splashed in the tub put a smile on her face for a while.


Day 83/March 30: Every Thursday morning, my dad brings her a donut. I fought it for a while, but I’ve given up. It’s their thing. Raspberry jelly today. Mornings have been hard for her this week because she wakes up feeling so lousy, so it was nice to see her happy even if it was sugar-induced.


Stick a Fork in Me

Last week, I came down with the cold Catch had the previous week.

On Thursday, my in-laws arrived for a 4 night stay.

On Saturday morning, Charlotte woke up with the family cold. Her first full blown sickness. (I know–we’re so lucky we made it this long.)

Saturday night was a shit show of epic proportions. Charlotte never slept for longer than 30 minutes. I sat on the couch with her from 10pm to 6am a) to help keep her upright so she could breathe, and b) because she wouldn’t let me put her down. Sometime in the middle of the night, she started screaming. And screaming. And screaming. We tried everything. We were exhausted and at our wit’s end (also worried about our kid)… then factor in in-laws who want to “help” and a me who is throwing some serious shade at said in-laws and you just have the most spectacular cluster fuck of a night imaginable.

All of that carried into Sunday. Charlotte was the sickest she’s ever been. I was fucking exhausted and completely touched out. My in-laws kept trying to help to the best of their ability, but all it was doing was pissing me off and I didn’t understand why they wouldn’t just GO HOME. Why do you want to be in a house with a screaming sick baby and her exhausted grouchy parents?

(In fairness–they were only scheduled to stay until Monday because we asked them to babysit on Sunday afternoon so we could go see Beauty and the Beast. Which obviously never happened because sick kid trumps all… but man, I was looking forward to that ALL WEEK and I was so disappointed when I had to call and ask for a refund on our tickets.)

I keep waiting for her to turn a corner on this miserable fucking cold, but she just hasn’t. The last three mornings alone have involved more screaming than the last year combined. She can’t breathe. Her cough is scaring her. Like, she coughs and then she jumps up and throws her arms around me in a panic and starts sobbing “It’s ok, mama’s here” in her raspy, congested little voice. (Apparently, I have said that quite a bit these last 5 days…)

She’s barely eating. We are struggling to get fluids into her. The Motrin that she usually takes with enthusiasm is being spit out and causing more screaming. She wants boobies or her paci for comfort, but she can’t breathe well enough for either and total meltdown ensues. Every inch of me, Catch, and our house is covered in snot and tears. I have not been on time for work once this week and I am SO BUSY with Big Important Things that my boss who rarely even gives me a second thought is actually checking up on me and the timing couldn’t possibly be worse.

Anyway, I am tired and stressed, and I hope to return one day very soon with Happy Words, but today is not that day.