Spending the day with the new Yarn Harlot book. Totally loving it… Not that I’m surprised by that.


There Goes Trouble

We took on the task of puppy sitting this past weekend for a coworker.  I love dogs.  Catch loves dogs.  Our dogs love dogs.  Match made in heaven, right?

Except not so much.

For some reason, I just could not bring myself to love this puppy in the way that I would normally love a cute, hyper little pup.  I felt terrible, but I just didn't like her.  Sure, I was nice–we played tug and I threw her ball–but she sure didn't tug at my heartstrings like I expected her to.

And then, there was this… The Hole:


(See… she's not even that cute, right?)

And then, there was a MUCH bigger hole under my lemon tree.

And thankfully, after that, there was puppy being returned to her owner.  The great thing about puppysitting is that eventually, they go home.  Thank dog.