TTC Timeline

January 2013 – I throw the idea of a baby out there.  Catch panics.

February 2013 – I convince Catch to go to a family planning event at the Long Beach Gay & Lesbian Center.  We learn a ton.  Over lunch, we decide to start tracking cycles and officially start TTC in June.

March 2013 – 20 day cycle.  Huh?

April 2013 – 41 day cycle.  What?

May 2013 – Start testing with OPKs for the first time.  No positive ever.  46 day cycle.

June 2013 – No positive OPK.  31 day cycle.

July 2013 – 30 days of bleeding.  Gyn orders blood tests for CD 3 of next cycle. 45 day cycle.

September 2013 – CD 3 blood work turns up normal.  Bleeding is explained as random.  Gyn does not think PCOS could be a factor because hormones are all normal.  Agrees to prescribe clomid for next cycle.  39 day cycle.

October 2013 – 50 mg clomid, CD 3-8.  HCG trigger on CD 15.  IUI CD 17 in the AM.  Nurse practitioner remarks that ovaries are polycystic but does not elaborate.  When we ask, she said it’s no big deal and not to worry about it.  27 day cycle.  BFN

November 2013 – Gyn increases clomid to 100 mg, CD 3-8.  Molly starts worrying about the polycystic ovaries comment.  Can’t get in to see gyn to discuss in time for insemination.  We decide to call the cycle off until we can get some explanation of the polycystic ovaries comment.  Sperm is too expensive to be wasting if there is a bigger issue at play.  Finally get in to see gyn.  She still doesn’t think PCOS is the issue, but doesn’t do an ultrasound.  She gives us referrals to two REs.  We decide to take some time off from TTC and focus on getting healthy and losing weight.  Clearly this is not going to be as easy as we’d hoped.  32 day cycle.

December 2013 – + OPK on CD 17, but we’re sitting this one out.  31 day cycle.

January 2014 – Went to informational session at fertility clinic recommended by gyn.  Have consult and ultrasound with RE.  RE says PCOS is absolutely the issue, regardless of what the blood work says.  We decide to keep getting healthier and losing weight and start TTC again in March.  47 day cycle.

March 2014 – Since the previous cycle was so wonky, we decide to wait another month before TTC, hoping that our increasing health will help that much more.  + OPK on CD 17.  34 day cycle.

April 2014 – Cyst is discovered in CD 2 ultrasound.  RE won’t prescribe clomid until cyst clears.  + OPK on CD 16. Double IUIs CD 16 & 17.  BFN.

May 2014 – Cyst-free.  Clomid CD 3-7.  HCG Trigger CD 10.  IUIs CD 11 & 12.  BFN.

June 2014 HSG test reveals all clear.

July 2014 Clomid CD 3-7; Follistim every other day CD 3-7 + 1 extra shot CD 8; HCG trigger CD 10; IUIs CD 11 & 12.  BFN


July/August/September 2014 :

Birth Control pills for 17 days

Start taking Metformin XR

Stims CD 4-6:

1 Vial Menopur & 100iu Follistim daily

CD 7:

We learn that I am responding a bit too quickly, so we back off of the meds.  Proceed with 75 iu Follistim and 1 vial Menopur for days 7-12

CD 8-12:

Add 1 injection of Ganirelix daily

CD 12:

HCG trigger – 7,500u

CD 14:

Egg retrieval – 16 eggs collected; teeny tiny polyp discovered in uterus

CD 15:

Of the 16 collected, 10 eggs were mature.  9 of 10 fertilized with ICSI.

CD 16:

Ultrasound to examine polyp. Fresh transfer cancelled. Polyp (Spot) will have to be removed via hysteroscopy before we eventually proceed with FET.

CD 19:

5 day 5 blasts frozen

CD 20:

2 more day 6 blasts frozen

Hysteroscopy/Polypectomy  – September 2014 Cycle

FET – October 2014

October 30th – 2 day 5 blasts thawed and transferred


November 4th – first hint of a line on an hpt (5dp5dt)

November 10th – Beta day!  Beta #1 617 (11dp5dt / 16 dpo)

November 12th – Beta #2 2498 (23.7 hour doubling time) (13dp5dt / 18 dpo)

November 26th – It’s TWINS!

December 10th – Baby A has a nice healthy heartbeat, but we’ve lost Baby B.

December 31st – Our miracle baby is growing just as s/he should.  Due date is July 18th.


7 thoughts on “TTC Timeline

  1. Hi, I’m bogging about our journey to getting a take-home baby, I’m the one TTC and have anti-thyroid antibody issues, but the reason I am writing is because my wife has PCOS. She’s not going to TTC but has been seeing the same amazing naturopath as me to try and help her PCOS as it was phenomenally bad. My naturopath is the foremost natural health expert in New Zealand in the field of in/fertility. Some of the relatively easily adopted recommendations she has given my wife that have made a massive, massive difference for her periods are: cutting down / out soy products, milk etc, going Gluten Free (this is hugely helpful), taking a supplement called Wobenzyme (let me know if you want a brand name – we buy it from iherb and have it shipped to NZ from the US), regular acupuncture, drinking tea made with cinnamon bark, cardamon pods and fresh ginger root & regular exercise.These things (plus some other natural health supplements) have meant that she gets a regular cycle (usually averages around 28-30 days whereas before she would skip periods, have 60 day cycles etc), no more mid cycle bleeding, lighter periods, less pain etc. I hope some of this maybe helps you as it’s pretty much all stuff you can do by yourself. IMPORTANT: You can’t take Wobenzyme during treatments though – eg she told me to discontinue it the day before inseminations.
    Good luck – hope to see you over on my blog sometime 🙂

  2. Thank you for documenting your journey. As much as it really stinks for every one of us, it’s comforting to read about other women and lezzie couples who are also having a hard time. I look forward to following your successes! XxErica.

  3. Greeting from New Mexico! I’m Kristin, the Mama in a two mom family of one very adorable 3 year old. We’re currently in the process of trying to make her a big sister and quite the process it’s been. We’ve been trying for 19 months with me as the oven this time and due to PCOS + MTHFR, it’s been difficult. 8 IUI’s, one miscarriage and one failed FET later, here we are. I’m currently PUPO and hoping that we’re told our dream has come true on 06/10/15. After retrieving 10 eggs, 8 of which fertilized, we were left with only 2 day 5 blasts, which means this is our last try with me. I just read through some of your posts and they had me cracking up! I look forward to following your journey.

    Also, your wife and I have followed each other on IG for months and I just started following you too (IG: DosMamas). I hope this doesn’t make me look like a stalker now that I’ve just come across your blog as well, lol!

    Best of luck to you in these final weeks!
    Kristin @

    • Hi Kristin! Thanks so much for introducing yourself! I am crossing my fingers for a successful FET for you. You must be beside yourself waiting to be able to test! I would probably be climbing the walls. I’m going to add your blog to my reader. Hang in there–I hope you little one keeps you plenty distracted until test day!

  4. Just discovered your journal in my hint for all things lesbian baby making related. My wife and I are at the very beginning of the process. I’d consider us WTT at this point. But I’ve been doing my research and trying to find like minded people who’ve been there done that. So thanks for sharing!
    I’ve just started my own blog as the non-bio mum to be in order to get thoughts down but also be helpful to someone else one day in the future!
    Im looking forward to catching up with your blog!

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