Waning Interest

My interest is waning in my own anxiety. I am so tired of thinking about this stuff that I’d almost rather just pretend it’s not an issue. Except it is, and I’ve spent enough time in therapy to know that denial is not my friend.

After the muscle spasms of last week, I was given the immediate OK to stop taking Wellbutrin. Not surprisingly, the spasms have lessened every day since I stopped. I still feel an occasional twinge, but it’s nothing like it was. I expect that the twitches will continue to fade away until they’re gone.

Now, I’m taking Buspar up to 3x daily in addition to my Zoloft. I’ve only had the meds for 24 hours at this point, so it’s too early to comment, really. Actually, that’s a lie. I do have a complaint. They should warn you that these pills are the size of a grain of rice because when I tried to remove the wad of cotton they plugged the bottle with, the pills stuck to the cotton and flew out all over my kitchen. It’s great to have random tiny pills hiding on your kitchen floor when you have two dogs and a preschooler. Let’s just hope I found them all!

Tomorrow, we’re attending an open house at one of the schools we’re considering for kindergarten next year (!!!!!), and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to be popping one of those tiny little pills before I head out into the terrifying world of elementary school. (This is not my beautiful toddler… This is not my beautiful preschool… How did I get here?)

Thank you for the words of support on my previous post. Let’s hope these tiny little pills do the trick.



2 thoughts on “Waning Interest

  1. The years fly ever faster as you parent.
    Hope you were not impacted by fire/electrical issues.
    Be super good to you!
    Good wishes.

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