Wellbutrin – 3 weeks in

I had such incredibly high hopes that this combination of Wellbutrin and Zoloft would help manage my anxiety. Instead, it’s making me twitch all over like an addict going through withdrawal.

It started out so mild. I could only really feel the tiny muscle spasms when I was lying in bed at night and they were mostly in my legs. Over the last week or so, they’ve become increasingly stronger, and now the little spasms are all over and I feel them constantly. Today, the twitching is almost unbearable. I feel it as I’m sitting here writing–my arms are even shaky now.

When I saw my doctor last month, she told me it could take up to 4-6 weeks for me to notice a decrease in my anxiety, and believe me, I have been counting the days. It’s only been 23 days, but so far I have seen zero improvement. If anything, the twitching has made my anxiety worse.

I’ve emailed my doctor to find out what to do next. I’m trying not to feel too discouraged, but it’s hard. This sucks. I just want to feel better.

5 thoughts on “Wellbutrin – 3 weeks in

  1. I’m sorry. I don’t think Wellburtrin is good for everyone. It made me hallucinate (giant spiders, fun! at least I knew they weren’t real at the time, lol), it made my wife’s depression so much worse she ended up in the psych ward, but it’s one of the only drugs that works well for my mother-in-law.

    Have you considered doing one of those genetic tests to see which SSRIs are likely to work best for you? I know it’s for depression, but I wonder if there’s one that’d work for anxiety.

  2. Anxiety is the worst. You have my sympathies. I am on Effexor XR for anxiety. There is a rough two weeks going on and off with increased anxiety but I take Valium during this time. Hoping it passes soon x

  3. I second the genetic testing idea. My wife had it done, her main issue is anxiety as well. It led her to a sertraline/gabapentin combo which is working well for her.

  4. I feel like mental health is such a journey. It shouldn’t have to be and I hope you find something else! I’m dealing with a breakthrough in my own anxiety and am about to try probiotics, I’m that desperate. I wish you luck.

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