I couldn’t let a birthday slip by without recognizing it here.


My little love turned FOUR years old last week. Can you even believe that?

Right now, she is 43.5″ tall and wearing a size 5 in most things. Her feet are somewhere between an 11 and a 12, but the remaining 11s probably won’t be around much longer.

She never wants to go to school in the morning, but when we showed up 20 minutes early to pick her up yesterday, she begged us to let her stay and play with her friends.

Swimming is finally starting to click for her, which is a tremendous relief all around. She was really struggling for a while, but now she’s making progress almost every day. She swims 3x a week at school and at least 2x more with us at my mom’s house or elsewhere. We spend a lot of time in the water this time of year!





Her play is mostly a world of total fantasy. She will easily get lost in the plot line inside her head. Her play almost always involves a minimum of 3 stuffed animals, and they are very often misbehaving and in need of someone to sit with them during quiet time so they’re not disruptive. (Can’t imagine where she gets that from…)


She absolutely ADORES her friends both at school and at home. We have three neighbor girls who Charlotte adores, and they all stalk each other through front windows. There’s no stopping them once they spot one another. It’s been really nice because we love their parents and we’re making some great parent friends while the kids bond.

Overall, this kid is pretty spectacular. There are days when I wonder why on earth we ever had a child, but most of those moments are completely outweighed by moments when she makes our hearts explode.



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