Hand Foot & Mouth

I’m sitting here enjoying a few quiet moments alone with my coffee before Charlotte wakes up, because once the hurricane is awake, I won’t get a second to myself until Catch gets home from work.

We got a letter from preschool the other day that hand foot and mouth disease had made an appearance in her class. When she woke up yesterday, her face was sort of splotchy, but mostly around her forehead area. I wasn’t really sure what to make of it, because she has a legit mosquito bite on her cheek and it could have just been a reaction to the bite. Still, I figured I’d better check to be sure there were no signs of HFM hiding anywhere else. Sure enough, she had a big blister on the inside of her lower lip. I may have cursed.

She feels absolutely fine, which is the real kicker here. She’s not acting sick and she’s not uncomfortable. She has no other symptoms. Even so, it appears that I’m stuck at home with her for a few days, which is hard because school is kicking my ass. I love the convenience of taking classes online, but man is it a lot of work. I’ve been spending roughly 3-4 hours a day working on my own school stuff while C is at school, and not having those 3-4 hours during the day means I have to make up for it after C goes to bed.

We had a fun day yesterday, though. I didn’t want to take her anywhere crowded where she could spread her germs, so we went to the movies with some free tickets we’ve had lying around for ages. It was perfect because there were only 2 other people in the theater.  About halfway through Smallfoot, she got up and said, “I’d like to go home now, please.” I was kind of bummed because I was into the movie at that point, but she was so polite about letting me know she was done that I wasn’t going to argue.

At home, we baked a chocolate cake together, which was easily the highlight of her day. When Catch got home around 4, she ran out the front door yelling, “WE MADE CHOCOLATE CAKE BUT WE HAVE TO EAT DINNER FIRST!” Then she ran inside and demanded dinner since Little Mama was home. Nice try, kiddo.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with her today. Maybe a trip to the dog park with Snickers and a ride around the block on her big girl bike. This kid is just not meant to be home all day. It never ends well. She’s like an angry caged animal when we’re home for too long.

Since I really haven’t shared anything of importance with you this morning, I’ll leave you with a few pictures from our trip to the farm the other day. Can you believe how big this kid is getting? Her legs are like ten miles long.



6 thoughts on “Hand Foot & Mouth

  1. She is so cute!! I love picture of her on top of the hay! Sorry to hear about the lack of time for school with her at home all day. But, I love he happy moments you two re having. 🙂
    As for hand foot and mouth, that one scares me so much and i know one of these times when it makes the rounds at daycare Little MPB is going to get it! I have no idea how we’ve avoided this long, and I’m officially afraid I jinxed us because I just wrote this.

    • Hand foot & mouth totally freaks me out, too. Google is definitely not my friend on this one. We avoided it the last time it made an appearance in her class because we were on vacation and I was SO excited that we got so lucky. I’m just hoping that it continues to be a very mild case and she doesn’t wake up with more blisters today.

  2. We haven’t had that pop up at daycare yet, but we recently got an email that one of the kids has chicken pox. Mine are all immunized, but still, you never know!

  3. Nooo not HFM!!! That said, while we were suffering horrendously from it last spring, her daycare buddies had a couple of small spots and felt totally fine. Some kids (and adults) just don’t really get bothered by it, I guess! That’s a saving grace!! I love those days for mom and kid bonding, but yeah, they’re super stressful when you had a lot of work planned instead…. And it can be surprisingly hard to entertain a preschooler for that long!! Good luck 😉

  4. My little one just contracted HFM last week from daycare and he cane out of it relatively unscathed. Never got to his mouth and never got a fever, just some bumps on his legs, feet, and hands. Hope the same for Charlotte!

  5. Nora had HFM with virtually no symptoms and it KICKED MY ASS. Adults apparently don’t get it as easily, but I never want to have it again. And I just love the pictures of her!!

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