I have so much to say, but not enough desire to actually write about it all. I’m going to try to at least start, though.

My nana died just over a week ago. She was my last remaining grandparent. The one my daughter is named for. I’m devastated.

I didn’t see her as often as I should have, which is why it feels weird to say that I feel her absence intensely. Nana was unstoppable… she was a force. It felt like she’d be here forever. Everything just feels off now.

Charlotte is thoroughly confused about the concept of death. She will frequently inform people that Nana “dived,” which doesn’t exactly solicit the expected response.

Enter, the four legged distraction.

After Rolo died, we submitted an application with the local basset rescue and were approved. They asked us what we were looking for. We gave the following criteria:

  • Male
  • Senior (9+)
  • Mellow
  • Gentle
  • Doesn’t require much training
  • Submissive
  • Kid-friendly
  • So you can imagine the surprise of the rescue folks when we suddenly expressed an interest in Honey Bunny:
    • Female
      Young (2)
      Hyper as hell
      Steals all food within reach before you can even see her coming
      Chews everything
      Needs tons of training

    They basically said we’re crazy and this dog is not a good fit for our family, to which we replied, “Hold my beer.”

    That is how we found ourselves sitting in 2 hours of Saturday afternoon traffic just to drive the 30 miles to meet Honey Bunny. Then we had to pay $7 to park AT A DOG PARK. I mean seriously. Give me a break, SoCal.

    Look, I won’t lie–this little girl is a bit of work. Her life motto is, “if it fits, I chew.” Yesterday I was filling a laundry basket when I heard Catch screaming bloody murder. “NO! OH MY GOD NO!!!!” I ran in there expecting to see the dog dripping in battery acid or something, but what I found was a dog with a punctured can of Tecate (beer someone left in our cooler at a softball game) in her jaws while beer sprayed everywhere in our den. It was a laugh or cry situation. I laughed hysterically.

    BUT, this dog is totally in love with our kid. She is an absolute love bug. She goes belly up the second you lock eyes with her. She cuddles like a pro. She is so soft and squishy–I can hardly stop myself from smooshing her excess neck skin around. And her ears… they are fantastic. So long that Charlotte ran over one of them with her tricycle the other day.

    So, without further ado, meet Snickers:(Honey Bunny wasn’t working for us!)

    We are pretty smitten with this little troublemaker.

    Other news I’ll write about later:

    • Charlotte turned 3!
    • We “celebrated” our 10th wedding anniversary yesterday
  • I hope you’re all doing well. ❤️
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    6 thoughts on “Placeholder

    1. I loooove Basset Hounds and she is simply adorable!! Congratulations on the new addition! I too am familiar with the terror of a 2 year old dog and how no thing in the house is safe from their mouth, but the love they give is tremendous!

    2. I’m very sorry about your nana. No need to bookend or caveat your grief. Grief is legit. I’m sending tenderness as you survive yours. ❤️

      Chewy disobedient rescues are the best kind of resiliency training. Love the way she connects with C. ❤️

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