Ditching the Kiddo

Catch and I are in Vegas right now in an upgraded suite with a jacuzzi tub.

Pre-Charlotte, I really wasn’t a fan of Vegas. I honestly find the strip to be pretty depressing. I hate the smoke-filled maze of dark hotel casinos that haven’t seen the light of day since they opened.

The last time I was here was for a marketing conference several years ago, and after 2 nights, I was clawing at the walls wanting to escape. Unfortunately, I was stuck for 5 nights, and 5 nights in Vegas is just way too many nights for me. Or at least, it WAS.

This time, we’re here because Catch had a conference to attend. That means I’m in this giant room with hours of free time to do anything I want. Mostly that involves sitting in the jacuzzi tub, giving myself a pedicure, knitting, reading, and staring blankly at Facebook.

Last night, we enjoyed a sampling of wines and cheeses at a wine bar and then caught a showing of Ka because the conference was offering discounted tickets. (Definitely my least favorite Cirque show by far–I love Cirque du Soleil, but was really not a fan of this one.) On the way there, we enjoyed some obnoxious banter with a cab driver who was incredibly displeased that we were paying with a credit card because no one ever tips. He made a point of letting us know that cab drivers get to see all of the shows for free, and when asked what his favorite show is, he responded, “Zombie Burlesque… because boobs.” We are assuming based on his thoroughly enjoyable personality, greasy, unkempt hair, and the body odor of the cab that he returned to his mother’s basement to play dungeons and dragons shortly after he dropped us off. I tipped him 30%. Honestly, 15 minutes in a cab with him was more entertaining than Ka.

At lunch today, I met Catch in the casino after her session, randomly won $80 on a wheel of fortune slot, and then we grabbed some cocktails by the pool and laughed at @pleasehatethesethings on Instagram for a bit. In a little while, I’ll head down to the pool and Catch and her work bestie will meet up with me for a late afternoon swim and (more) cocktails. (When in Vegas…)

In the meantime, Charlotte has been at my in-laws’ house since Monday and she is seriously having the time of her life. Apparently, she asked my FIL if she could stay at their house forever. They’ve been to the beach twice, a children’s museum, spent countless hours at the pool, and she’s been driving her power wheels jeep all over their property. She basically doesn’t give a rat’s ass that we’re gone, and as much as we miss her, we are THRILLED (and relieved) that she’s so freaking happy without us.

I feel like I have so much to tell you about, but the pool is calling to me. Or maybe a nap. Heck, maybe a nap by the pool.

We leave tomorrow and I’m 99% certain that it’s the first time I’ve ever been disappointed to leave Vegas behind.




4 thoughts on “Ditching the Kiddo

  1. AMAZING. You deserve this!! I’m envious and I’ve never felt the urge to visit vagas… But the free time in a hotel and the steady stream of cocktails sounds like heaven to me right now.

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