Define desperate?

My kid has a fever high enough that she’s delirious. My dog had a seizure earlier. I’m about one missed semicolon away from losing my job. My in laws are here. We have subterranean termites. Our brand new dishwasher is broken.

We haven’t had a break from shit like this since Thanksgiving. I am so tired. So frustrated. So in need of a vacation/hug/break/financial windfall.

I can’t anymore… but I have to. The sick little shivering radiator lying on my chest needs me to keep going.

There’s so much good in our lives. I’m trying to focus on that. I’m trying not to dwell on the bad stuff. I just… need there to be less bad stuff I guess.

I’m so fucking tired.

/self-pitying rant


19 thoughts on “Define desperate?

  1. Also, you should make your blog into a book. I‘d buy it right away. You tell the good the bad and the ugly just as they come,… and in such a freaking hilarious way. Hilarious might not be the word you want to hear right now, but your blog lifts my day on so occations. You truly rock!!

  2. You guys just keep getting slammed! I’m sending all my good juju your way, hoping that the universe shows you some mercy and brings you some sunshine and rainbows for a change!

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