There’s a rat in my house and it has destroyed my oven.

I bought a new range today and the girl screwed up and now I have absolutely no idea when it will be delivered.

My existing range smells like rat pee and I want it gone but I am hesitant to move it outside because of the whole delivery issue above. To combat the smell, I am simmering lemongrass, lemon balm, rosemary, lemon, ginger, and cloves on the stove. I can still smell rat in my kitchen.

I feel disgusting being in my own home. I even paid someone to clean today for the first time ever and my house still feels gross to me because RAT.

I feel violated.

I have been sick for almost 4 weeks. I am so fucking tired of being sick.

My mom is seriously sick. She has the same thing I do but her body is not handling it well and I’m so worried about her. I stopped by today and she couldn’t even open her eyes to talk to me. She saw he doctor yesterday but she’s worse today. I have serious fears about losing my mom (leftover from childhood–not entirely rational, but how many emotional things really are?) and this shit just rattles me.

I kicked Catch and Charlotte out for a few days so I could get some rest but instead I am here dealing with Ratgate.

Exterminators can’t get here until Monday morning.

We are missing a family Christmas celebration tomorrow due to my illness and I am seriously bummed. But I can’t be around my medically fragile grandmother when I’m sick.

I really just want to cry but I’m too fucking tired and I need that energy to continue battling Ratgate.


Look at my beautiful asshole of a two year old? Isn’t she perfect?


7 thoughts on “Ratgate

  1. The rat situation would be the end of me. Ugh that smell is horrible! I hope the exterminator and new range help get the rodents and smell out.
    Sick holiday times are the worst. Feel better soon.

  2. Oh no! That sounds awful. Once when I was in university I moved into a building with cockroaches and I didn’t eat a meal at home for weeks (until it got fumigated). It’s such a yucky feeling having pests in your home. Hope you are rat-pee free and rid of the sick soon. I totally get the semi-irrational fear of losing your parent – hope your mom is better soon, too, that sounds scary. (On a lighter note – Charlotte is just so adorable, and so grown-up looking. I can’t believe how quickly these kids are growing up.)

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