Hi! Remember me?

It’s been a while. I don’t really know what to make of that yet. I was just clearing some files off of my computer and I discovered a post I never posted. I wrote this in early October, so it’s outdated, but I’m going to put it up anyway because I want the record of it here. Hopefully I’ll be back soon. I feel like I have lots to talk about, but lately I just have no desire to write.


Since We Haven’t Touched Her Baby Book

We had to go to the discount day at a kids’ consignment sale on Sunday morning to pick up a few things for Catch’s aunt. As we were heading toward the line to check out, Charlotte spotted the little corner where all the stuffed animals are. “Ohhhh, MICKEY!!!” she yelled as she ran toward the bins. By the time I reached her, she had grabbed a large Mickey Mouse plush and had him wrapped in a bear hug. (Mouse hug?)

“Oh Mickey, I love you. You need a hug, Mickey? I love you so much. I give you a kiss, Mickey?”

Fortunately, Mickey was only $1.50, and although we have an IDENTICAL Mickey at home, I decided that avoiding a public meltdown was absolutely worth $1.50. For once, we did not have to listen to I Like to Move It on repeat for the whole drive home. She was completely occupied with her Mickey Mouse love fest. I wish it was a legit option to just pay $1.50 every time a meltdown is looming—like a get out of jail free card.

Last night, in lieu of us reading to her at bedtime, Charlotte opted read Corduroy’s Halloween to her new Mickey. “Look, Mickey—it’s a pumpkin!”

She’s been on a bit of a Beauty & the Beast kick lately. (Understatement.) This morning when we parked at her school I opened her car door and she looked at me and sang, “I WANT MUCH MORE THAN THIS PROVINCIAL LIFE!”

Um. Yeah. Me too, kid. Go learn something so your moms can live out their retirement years in the guest house of your mansion after you invent a reliable car engine fueled by hopes and dreams.

Sunday morning. 7 am. Charlotte wakes up. Catch gathers her from her crib, and I come in a few minutes later. Charlotte leans toward me for a hug and as I wrap her in my arms to say good morning, she says, “I need a cupcake.”

Have you ever seen a child try to tuck in their bath water? Last night in the tub, she was using a wash cloth as a blanket and tucking in the water. “Lie back now. I got you. It’s sleepy time. I tuck you in.” Water. Who knew?




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