104.3 is a popular LA radio station. The kind of music you hear a lot in doctors offices. 

104.3 was also my daughter’s temperature at 3am on Thursday. It was even higher at 1:30 this morning, which resulted in seizure-esque jerks and twitching that had me totally freaked out. Turns out they were totally benign myoclonic jerks, which are apparently common in sleeping sick children. 

Needless to say, we’re pretty fucking exhausted around here this week. Poor Catch has to work a school dance full of idiot teens tonight until midnight, so I’m especially feeling bad for her right now. 

As for me, I am just going to sit here and self-medicate with some prailines & cream ice cream and mindless television. I should be working on our Halloween costumes, but at this point, we can all be zombies without any effort at all. 
I’ll leave you with a few pictures because it’s not all bad. Most of it is pretty damn spectacular. We’re just really sick of this radio station. 


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