Manners and tantrums and feelings, oh my!

One of my mom’s friends—a very nice, very outgoing woman who has split her career between business and film (lots of IMDB credits for this lady)—started working at my office as a temp this morning. She’s at a cubicle about 25 feet from my office. I should REALLY go say hello. I have known this woman since I was a little girl. Instead, I am hiding in my office with my door closed because I am too damn tired to be social and play, “let’s catch up on the last 15 years.”

It turns out that two year olds can suck the life out of you faster than a newborn can. I always hated the phrase terrible twos because I felt like it implied that the child was terrible. I get it now, though. I love my kid. I do not believe she is terrible. But this particular developmental stage is terrible.

Everything is a battle of wills. My SIL thinks we give in too easily, but sometimes we just don’t have it in us to fight her. I mean, seriously, how many times can you stop your child from jumping on the couch like a wildebeest before you say fuck it. Let her break her damn arm. I give up.

OK, that was a bad example. We don’t actually do that. I mean, the whole jumping on the couch thing is a constant battle right now, and it usually ends with one of us picking a screaming, fighting child up off the couch, removing her from the room, and then chasing after her as she runs back to the couch laughing maniacally… rinse & repeat. I swear we do everything we can to keep her from breaking bones. You get the gist, though.

It feels like dealing with our kid right now is all about mind games. We have to outsmart the 2 year old. I am absolutely shocked at how hard it can be to outsmart a determined 2 year old. I mean, I am a reasonably intelligent human being, but that kid is a force to be reckoned with. My child has successfully used reverse psychology ON ME. It’s freaking witchcraft. Too much Harry Potter while I was pregnant.

Every day, I leave for work feeling so excited to get home and see my kiddo.  By the time I’ve been home for 30 minutes, I’m already counting the seconds until bedtime.

I just wanted to throw this out there to all of you because I know I talk a lot here about how my kid is my favorite person and how I love the age, blah blah blah. And while both of those things are often true, right now I am really longing for a few days free from all of this two-ness.


11 thoughts on “Manners and tantrums and feelings, oh my!

  1. Yep this! They cry because they want something, they cry when they get it, they cry when you say no, they cry when its time to take a bath, they cry when it’s time to get out of the bath, they cry when its bed time…you get it, I know you do! We try telling ourselves oh they are not getting enough sleep. Oh they run them selves tired. Oh they need to eat sooner. But you know what…I am hungry and tired and just want them to go to bed sometimes too! HA! Hang in there! You will make it through…..maybe with some more grey hair and wrinkles but you will 🙂

  2. We do time outs. She has to sit somewhere without playing or leaving for 2 minutes while we try to get her to understand why she can’t do something. It’s usually about safety. It wasn’t easy at first but now she will put herself on time out for not listening. It’s weird but also funny. So, i am a big proponent of doing time outs as long as you stay engaged and make it about making safer choices and stuff. Never about removing love or them being bad.

  3. Dude, my house is just acrobatics on the couch all damn day, and I’d be lying if my motto lately hasn’t been, “OK! DON’T LISTEN!!! But when you break your arm, tell mommy to take you to the hospital becaue you’re not listening to mama, and NO CRYING! JEEEZZZZUUUSSSS!!! FACK!!!!!” No, seriously! I get you! SO hard! This age is mostly good stuff, but good grief, get yourself together you TODDLER! <—read:asshole…

  4. The child isn’t awful, the age is awful.
    The child isn’t awful, the age is awful.
    The child isn’t awful, the age is awful?
    The child is awful?

    ^ Basically me for the last…six years. :/ (So many years of two year olds.)

    You are so right though that two year olds are also so much fun. It’s whiplash age. One moment, they are doing the sweetest, most hysterical things and then they are crying because their spoon isn’t floating in mid-air and like…GRRRR.

    Oh, two. (Three, too!)

  5. “Everything is a battle of wills” YES. You’re not being lenient. You’re picking your battles. If you chose every single thing, you would literally never rest right now. It is as hard as it feels, and you’ll get through this!

  6. Ha. Yes. Yesterday I wrote about how much I loved having a two year old, and within a few hours said two year old had strewn cat litter all over the bathroom, thrown a variety of household objects, told me she didn’t like me, and then finally, mercifully, went to sleep. The evening is always the hardest part of the day for us – by 4pm J is usually tired and wild. There are so many great things about two, but it is also so challenging, in such a completely different way than parenting a newborn is challenging. Godspeed, my friend, and may we all make it to three.

  7. My hubby works overseas a lot and I’m a SAHM. For the 30mins he facetimes them every day all I hear is “why are you letting them” (two and a half year old twins) “do that?!” Because … its 9am and I’ve got to deal with this till 7pm so I’m picking my fights. 😂🤣😂
    Toddlers are insane 🙄 Cute but insane!!!

  8. Sweet Jesus, I feel you, but it was age 3-4 for us. Everything felt like a battle of wills and I swear our kid was extremely skilled at getting my wife and I to turn on each other, haha. Just when I felt like I was turning into “mean mama” and was ready to lose my damn mind, it got better. It’s funny, when Georgia and I were in our first year of dating, I told her that I wanted 4 kids and that it was important she know that right away in case that would be a deal breaker for her. Fast-forward a decade and I’m like, nah, we’re good with 2…

    Hang in there mama. This too will pass (eventually)!

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