When we arrived at school this morning, I slathered Charlotte in sunscreen before I walked her to the morning care room. Drop off was hard for her today. She’s been a little clingy and hesitant at drop off every morning, but this was the first time there were tears. I think knowing how stoic she’s been every other morning made her tears especially hard for me to see today.

Now, I am sitting here with my legs crossed. I need to pee. I have had a lot of coffee. It’s not optional at this point. It’s just that walking into the restroom means washing my hands, which means that the smell of her sunscreen will be gone.

That’s weird, right? I mean, I probably need to get a grip. It’s just that the sunscreen smell is so her these days. She is always outside, so there is always sunscreen. The smell makes me feel like we’re just moments from taking those first steps into the pool together.

My little summer sunshine girl… it’s all moving just a bit too fast right now.



4 thoughts on “Sunscreen

  1. Wolfie is always great at drop off. So when he cried once a couple weeks ago, I DIED. Conversely, one day when he was so excited to see hos friends after a long weekend that he didn’t even want to give me a hug and kiss, I also does. You can’t win.

  2. That makes perfect sense to me. My heart aches knowing that feeling of their little lives just growing and developing too quickly. It’s so incredible and so hard!

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