Zoloft Week 1

I have a good friend who’s taking Zoloft. When I told her my doctor was prescribing it, she told me it was about 4-6 weeks before she really noticed a change in her mood.

When I was on the phone with my doctor, she flat out told me that it will take 4 weeks or possibly longer before I notice a change in my mood.

When I looked on the internet, every message board post I found said that it took the person about 4 weeks before they noticed an improvement in their mood.

Knowing that, can someone please tell me why I was hoping I’d feel some relief after only a week? What made my brain even think it was appropriate to hope for that? Please tell my brain to shut up.

I just want to feel better. I want to not have this crippling anxiety that is making it so difficult to focus and be a productive member of society. I want to be able to look at my to do list and not feel paralyzed, which in turn increases my anxiety because I’m not getting things done that need to get done.

Does it make sense that I didn’t even fully understand how off I’ve been feeling until I started taking these pills and wishing I could feel better?

I think I need a life pass for the next 3-5 weeks. No work. No stress. No curve balls. Just let me float in the pool with my wife and my kiddo and occasionally bring me some frozen drinks and sunscreen.


9 thoughts on “Zoloft Week 1

  1. It’s totally reasonable to hope that you’ll react on the fast end of normal. Anxiety is effing awful. I’ve only used break through meds (Xanax) in the past, and I totally get the please-work-NOW. I hope you get some relief soon.

    • I’m kind of surprised she hasn’t offered me xanax, but I’ve also been afraid to ask for it because I didn’t want it to seem like I’m just looking for drugs. It sure would be nice to have a temporary crutch while I get the zoloft going.

      • I totally hear that. It’s a fine line to walk with doctors who use anti-anxiety meds and know what they can do to people. It’s really stupid though. My dentist prescribed Xanax for me when I had to have dental injections and they gave me 20 (*20*) 1 mg pills. I was shocked.

  2. Anxiety is a hard state to be in. Of course you’d want the medication to work fast, and I hope it does! Trying to juggle all of life’s responsibilities can cause anxious feelings in anyone, and if you are predisposed to anxiety I can’t imagine how tough it can get. Hang in there… I hope you find some relief very soon!

  3. Hopefully knowing that you are doing something (taking Zoloft!) will help you feel at least a little sense of accomplishment and forward momentum! PLEASE let me know if you figure out how to get that life pass – I would love one too!

  4. I think we all hope we’ll be the .01% for whom it works right away. The (not so) funny thing is, if you miss one or two days, you usually feel the withdrawal right away. x.x
    May the next few weeks go smoothly and you begin to feel better very soon.

  5. Ugh I hear you. I haven’t been on meds in several years, but I have an appointment with my doc in a little over a week at which point I intend to ask for them– and I can’t even wait for the appointment. I keep reminding myself that getting the pills isn’t going to equate instant relief but…… I want it to.
    Hang in there! Thinking of you. ❤

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