Pinch Me

Do you see that? Up in the sky? That flying pig?

Charlotte has slept through the night for five nights. In a row. FIVE.

Miracles happen, people. Pigs are flying, and Charlotte is sleeping through the night.

I don’t expect that this is a permanent development by any means, but it sure has been nice. Five nights in a row of real, solid sleep. She even let us sleep in this weekend, which is just WOW. Who is this child?

Two things are happening as a result of this:

  • The last two nights, I have found myself hoping that she’ll wake up at some point because I miss cuddling with her in the middle of the night. What? No. Yes? Maybe? Sigh.
  • Back pain. I’ve had a bad back for years courtesy of a car accident more than a decade ago, and when I got pregnant, it just sort of vanished. It has remained mostly vanished until these last 5 nights. Apparently between pregnancy’s need for me to get up and pee every few hours and Charlotte’s need to nurse every few hours, I was actually doing my back a favor by getting up and moving throughout the night. Now that I am not getting up, my back freaking hurts. Figures!

The really interesting thing about this is that it’s happening as we’ve relaxed our stance on bedtime. Since Catch has been off, we’ve found ourselves out doing things a lot more, and it’s resulted in some late bedtimes. I used to be such a hard ass about bedtime because I believed it was the only thing saving me from total sleep annihilation but lately, fun just feels more important. We could have rushed home for bedtime after Catch’s softball game on Wednesday night, but then Charlotte would have missed out on running through the sprinklers on the field after the game. We could have rushed home from my mom’s house the other night, but then Charlotte would have missed out on watching the lizards and eating the cupcake(s)… and the bee sting, but oh well—you can’t win ‘em all!



For now, the fun mom approach is working, and I’m just going to roll with it. It’s probably going to backfire on me once she starts daycare in the fall and she has to be up and out of the house earlier, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. It’s worth it for a few months of the status quo, because the status quo is the most manageable our life has been since we became parents.


8 thoughts on “Pinch Me

  1. Something tells me once she starts daycare she will be so tired every night that she’ll end up falling asleep easier and surprisingly earlier. We find on the weekends we struggle to wear out Little MPB as much as daycare does. They have those kids moving ALL THE TIME. 🙂 I honestly wouldn’t worry too much about the impacts of daycare on your routine – after a few weeks you’ll all fall into a new pattern. At least that’s been our experience.

    • I’m really hoping that’s going to be the case with daycare. We have a hard time wearing her out on weekdays–especially in this heat we’re having. It’s been 100+ every day, so it’s just too hot to play outside–even in the shade.

  2. I totally wake up with migraines and back pain more when Darwin allows me to sleep more than 5 hours consecutively! I’ve thought about setting an alarm as she sleeps more often, just to see if it avoids the pain….

  3. Yes!! Such great news. Except the back pain part, that seems like a raw deal after two years of not enough sleep.

    We are also finding that later bedtimes are meaning better sleep, though not quite ‘through the night’ better. But this gives me hope…

    • It’s gotta happen someday, right? I mean, she won’t go off to college needing a midnight cuddle from mom, so that’s something, I suppose!

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