Summer Evenings

This summer feels so different from last summer.

You know what I’ve realized? I never really liked having a baby. I loved my baby–so, so much. But babies just aren’t very fun for me. I absolutely LOVE having an almost-two year old. This is a fantastic age.

My mom lives close to us and has a pool. I know she really expected us to live in her back yard last summer, but it was just too damn hard. Charlotte was under a year old, and there were always too many factors complicating things. Naps, bedtime, sun, heat, feeding… it was just a pain in the ass.

This summer, we’re in much better shape. We invited ourselves over for dinner last night and Charlotte had a blast. I look forward to many summer evenings like this…




16 thoughts on “Summer Evenings

  1. I am so looking forward to next summer for exactly this reason. 8 months is better than earlier, but I still wish we could go swimming or berry picking.
    Soon… soon.

  2. On I’m Team Toddler 100% of the way!! Timehop gives me all the baby feels and for 30 seconds I want like 62027 more babies. And then I come back to earth and decide I prefer sleep :). You’re so lucky your Mom has a pool! We joined the community pool (along with our 100000 close friends) and are loving it thus far. LOVE that last pictures…what a beauty!

  3. Adorable! She is so independent with that puddle jumper on. Where did you get it? Our littles are using life jackets and I am not a fan. The puddle jumpers at are Costco were not the same as this one.

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