I Should’ve Listened

We went to the family dinner. 

They brought everyone’s food. Except Charlotte’s. 

She reached her breaking point right as my boss was seated at the table next to us. 

My fucking boss, guys. I’m not even kidding. My. Boss. Have I mentioned how shaky things are for me at work lately? They are. This is not the time I need to be sitting next to my boss. 

Charlotte melted down. Like epic meltdown. Hyperventilating, kicking, beating her head into me, screaming herself hoarse…

It sucked. I mean, I got her outside FAST so boss didn’t see the worst of it, but still…

My boss. My fucking boss. 

We are never leaving the house again. 

WHY DID I NOT LISTEN TO MYSELF????? WHY???????????????


14 thoughts on “I Should’ve Listened

  1. awwww sorry that was so hard and frustrating. hope tomorrow is a better day. We’ve all been there with the screaming baby…so hopefully your boss will appreciate you even more as a human!

  2. I think you should email your boss right now and ask if Charlotte can come to work with you tomorrow. Because why not, really?

    (Sorry things did not go well. Happy birthday to your cousin?)

  3. P.S.- WordPress is suddenly recommending content tagged with Zombies, Cocktails, and Sunday Brunch. So that’s something good that came of this incident, I guess.

  4. Oh, no! I’m sorry that’s how it all went down. Also, the servers are tools for thinking that they could bring out the other food before the kid’s food. Toddler’s are big sceptics of delayed gratification.

  5. Ugh. Of COURSE it was your boss. Thanks, Universe!
    In the future, can you and Charlotte eat ahead of time, meet the group for a drink and buzz off before they get dinner? Just an idea. We try the think-outside-the-box plan with restaurants and babies whenever possible.

  6. I wouldn’t worry about your boss. If he judges you for that then he’s an ass.

    Better servers get the toddler food out BEFORE everyone’s food.

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