Photo A Sometimes Project: Days I’m Too Lazy to Count

The last few weeks have been kind of rough due to some work stress. I haven’t been spending nearly as much time with my camera. I’ve missed a lot of days. Still, I am loving this project. It is a fantastic outlet for me and it’s forced me to get to know my camera better. I can’t even remember the last time I put it in any kind of auto mode.

So as I said in my photo post a few weeks ago, I’m going to keep at it—with realistic expectations. Here are last week’s photos along with this week’s.

April 22: Sharing a smoothie with moms. She stole a strawberry from the garden–the evidence is right there on her chin.


April 23:  The pool was a bit cold for her liking (and mine!) but she sure enjoyed floating with her WayJoe.


April 24:  Sorry, Roly. I don’t think she’s going to share that strawberry. That she stole. Again. Despite the little fence we put up.


April 25: Sesame noodles are her jam.


April 27: Betcha didn’t know that unicorns and hound dogs are BFFs.


April 29:  Rolling in Opa’s freshly laid sod.


April 30: Poolside on her Oma’s 60th birthday. Her suit matches Oma’s chair.


May 1: Mama sprayed her with the hose because she was throwing the rocks from our orange tree into her water table.


May 2: Oh hi moon!



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