21 Months

Last week, we were shopping at the consignment sale we participated in. Charlotte was playing with an abacus that had caught her attention because BALLS. (Still an obsession, for anyone who happens to remember her first word.) I sat there with her for a minute and we slid the balls back and forth and then I watched in shock as she counted from one to fifteen on the abacus. We bought it. I mean, I’ve heard her count before but never all the way to 15 and rarely without starting at 7. She really likes saying 7, 8, 9.

She can sing the entire alphabet song now, too. Five thousand times a day. There are occasions where it’s AC/DC-EFG and other occasions where it’s ABCD-EIEIO, but for the most part she sings the whole thing straight through.

THANK YOU SESAME STREET. I will never again allow myself to feel guilty for this kid’s screen time.

Tooth brushing was damn near impossible for a while, but suddenly it is easy courtesy of both Minions toothpaste and the Elmo tooth brushing song. So we also have screen time to thank for teeth brushing.

I am obviously doing a damn good job of choosing the right channel for her to watch while I make breakfast. Mad props to me.

A few of Charlotte’s favorite things right now (in no particular order):

Fake sneezing and then saying “bless you” to herself

Declaring “I fell down” when she is not in any kind of situation where that is even possible and then looking at us with an expectant smile because she wants us to tell her she’s silly

Chu’s Day at the Beach

2-ingredient banana pancakes (I add cinnamon and a smidge of baking powder)

Singing. All day. Every day. Constantly.

The Sesame Street station on Pandora

Swimming—any chance to be in the water

Flowers—we even put a few fake ones in her Easter basket and she likes to make all of her stuffed animals smell them

Stuffed animals—she is all about the imaginary play with her team of “guys.” They especially like to dance. She will often offer them her paci or bits of cracker or cereal.

Picking things in the garden whether they are ready to be picked or not (it’s driving us crazy)

Playing in the car when it’s parked in the driveway

Asking, “What’s this?” about everything she sees and then repeating whatever we say. She’s pretty sharp and usually once you tell her, she’ll remember the word from then on.

Sesame noodles

Corn on the cob

A few of Charlotte’s least favorite things right now:

Wearing clothes/shoes (this is an ongoing battle)

Waking up from naps (grouchfest)

Rinsing her hair in the tub

Cleaning up after herself

Having her face wiped

Being denied the boob

We have so much fun together now. Afternoons in the back yard. Weekend adventures. Walks with the dogs. Swimming, swimming, swimming.

It feels like we’ve found our groove in a lot of ways. We know what makes her tick, and those things—fresh air, general silliness, music, dancing, new experiences—all happen to be really good for all of us.

Charlotte is without a doubt my favorite person in the world. I mean, my wife is up there too, but this kid—she is The Best. And it keeps getting better, which just blows my mind.


7 thoughts on “21 Months

    • I live on the wrong coast, but I’d love to add Brian to that occasion since all 3 seem to have great energy and zest for life. Also, mutual love for singing the alphabet and counting. This really is a great age, and it does keep getting better!

  1. Some awesome pictures! I also find my daughter is my favorite person. She’s just so awesome. We do a lot of screen time sometimes. We recently discovered peg + cat which is awesome. The PBS kids app has lots of good shows, but I found peg + cat is surprisingly good for Melody’s current level. Check it out perhaps.

  2. I think my favorite thing about (almost) two is how much they really start to act like little adults in some of their mannerisms and conversations, which is a silly juxtaposition when it’s done with sticks in their mouths. 😉

    She’s such a happy, get-going kid. I love her energy. I hope it stays with her always.

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