Photo A Day Project: Days 98-104

I decided to try to take a photo a day with my DSLR for 100 days. Here’s this week’s batch!

So, I’ve made it to 100 days (plus a few). I’m going to keep going for now. I love having these photos.

Day 98/April 14:  Did someone say treat? I can probably wake up for a treat.


Day 99/April 15: She got her name from her Nana, so I pretty much had to buy this shirt. And that’s Nana in the background, which makes this even better.


Day 100/April 16: “Heyooo?” At Easter brunch, she grabbed my cousin’s girlfriend’s phone from the table and had a full (serious) conversation with herself. This kid cracks me up.


Day 101/April 17: The minions are still on our wall. She loves them just as much as she did the day Catch drew them for her.


Day 102/April 18: Feeding the lorikeets at the aquarium. She was fascinated by the birds everywhere.


Day 103/April 19: A day at our favorite beach. She is a California girl.


Day 104/April 20: After dinner in the back yard. Her face is covered with watermelon and cottage cheese–cheeks still a bit rosy from the beach. I think she could have played outside all night if we’d let her.





8 thoughts on “Photo A Day Project: Days 98-104

  1. Amazing photos, as always. So full of life! I really want to do this 100 day challenge too… But I feel like most days are so boring that I wouldn’t have interesting stories to tell with the pictures.

    • Most of my photos are taken in the back yard around dinnertime. Nothing exciting! It’s like documenting the mundane. This week was a bit more interesting because I took time off and we had Easter, but mostly it’s just everyday life! The stories are just for you–and for her someday, too. I often think about how I’d love to see more of what our daily life was like during my own childhood–back then the camera was just for holidays/birthdays!

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