I am back at work today after 5 days away from this place. If stepping off the elevator this morning felt like a hard slap in the face, then sitting down to sort through all of my unread email was kick to the head.

We had such a wonderful little break filled with family and fresh air.

On Saturday, we celebrated Easter with my dad’s side of the family. Charlotte finally got to meet her new baby cousin (we’ve been sick every time we’ve had a chance!). She also got to meet a tortoise, which was WAY more exciting than her baby cousin.

On Sunday, we hosted Easter brunch with my family. Charlotte got her Minions-themed Easter basket and then hunted for Minion Easter eggs in our back yard while moms drank the mimosas that turned out to be a huge mistake because champagne = ZzzZzZzzzzz. Then on Sunday afternoon, we headed to ANOTHER Easter with Catch’s family. Are you counting? That’s 3 Easters in 2 days. And I’m an atheist.

My in-laws came home with us after Easter dinner and spent the night, which gave Catch and I an opportunity to do some much-needed prep-work for an upcoming consignment sale on Monday morning. This sale has so many rules. I seriously hope it’s worth the hours (and hours and hours) we’re having to spend getting things ready.

On Tuesday morning, we woke up feeling particularly masochistic and decided to brave the 405 at morning rush hour to take the kid for her first visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Maybe someday, we will live in a city where it doesn’t take 2 hours to drive 40 miles, but Tuesday was not that day. Traffic aside, Charlotte had an absolute blast with the fishies. We had lunch at an overpriced tourist trap across the street from the aquarium because a) beer and b) we knew they served corn on the cob, which can easily occupy our kid for a good 15 minutes. The most important thing we learned is that moms should not day drink, because after lunch we were useless sloths who spent the rest of the afternoon counting the endless minutes until bedtime.

On Wednesday morning, we woke up still feeling every minute of Tuesday, but that didn’t stop us from joining the morning rush hour once again to drive the 80 miles to our favorite dog beach in Santa Barbara. (Did you know that there is not one single dog-friendly beach in LA County? Not one.) It was an absolutely gorgeous day at the beach. It’s probably good that we don’t live closer to that particular beach because redhead + easy beach access = skin cancer.

So that’s where we’ve been, and now it’s back to the grind. We have over 200 tags to affix to various consignment sale things over the next two days, so wish us luck.


8 thoughts on “Reality

  1. Haha “3 Easters in 2 days. And I’m an atheist.” Sounds like me after every Christmas and Easter. Looks like Charlotte had a really great long weekend though!

    • The religious holidays are just so ridiculous sometimes. That said, I do enjoy the opportunity to see our family and dress up our kid, so I try not to get too eye-rolly about the whole thing.

  2. I don’t have Facebook or social media anymore so I don’t get to see Charlottes photos as often. She’s growing like a weed, she looks tall?! Regardless you all look like your happily thriving. Two hours for that many miles is absolutely ridiculous. L.A is good for that.

    • She is so crazy tall… 21 months old and we’ve started buying 3T clothes. Where did my tiny baby go?! Really happy to hear from you, my friend–I hope you’re having a good day. Lots of love!

    • I’m hoping it will pay off. We have a ton, but mostly clothes because we’ve given away a lot of baby gear. We definitely won’t be making $700, but hopefully it’ll be a decent number. Especially considering how much money we’ve spent on hangers and packing tape and tag guns and such. Sheesh!

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