Photo A Day Project: Days 91-97

I decided to try to take a photo a day with my DSLR for 100 days. Here’s this week’s batch!

Day 91/April 7:  Two pictures today to make up for the missing one from last week. The first one is me actually putting some thought into my photography, and it is a fantastic representation of my kid right now: dirty face, booger-covered nose and messy hair, but happy as long as she’s outside. The second is my dad showing up on an especially grumpy and tear-filled morning with the donuts that saved the day. Thanks, dad. We needed that.


Day 92/April 8: Hunting for Easter eggs at Underwood Farms. Charlotte and I were both sick, but it was a spectacular day anyway. We had so much fun.


Day 93/April 9: We brush her teeth wherever she’s willing to allow it.


Day 94/April 10: She has now picked and eaten EVERY SINGLE unripe strawberry from our strawberry patch. (Her other hand is holding a bubble gun, hence the bubbles.)


Day 95/April 11: Blurry, but joy-filled. She found this ball in the street on a walk with her mama, and it has been the center of her universe for 3 days now.


Day 96/April 12: This pretty much sums up how everyone in the house feels except the toddler.


Day 97/April 13: First it was the trampoline. “Bounce?” Then she had to have the big bag of balls. “Balls! Balls!” Then she insisted that she needed to watch Julia on Sesame Street RIGHT NOW. “Julia? Elmo? Julia?” So here we have all three things happening.


5 thoughts on “Photo A Day Project: Days 91-97

  1. Oh wow those bubbles turned out perfectly in the photos! Inspirational photography of a fast moving toddler! We already have to put the camera on action shot setting and ours isn’t even toddling/running yet! Beautiful as always!

  2. I want you to know that every time one of my kids catches a photo of C, they always exclaim how HAPPY she is, and that brightness really does radiate from her face. Such a beautiful little person she is. 🙂

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