Bronchitis kicked my ass. After two weeks of absolutely no improvement, the doctor suggested on Friday that perhaps what I’m dealing with is bacterial rather than viral and wouldn’t you know it—a few days of antibiotics and I no longer have a cough that requires pantyliners. Praise dog. I’m still going through a box of tissues a day, but it was that deep, hacking cough that was really killing me.

Of course now, rather than being kept awake at night by my miserable cough, I am being kept awake by the toddler who still can’t breathe. Three weeks of this shit. We had two blissful days last week where we weren’t having to pin her down to suction her nose every hour. I even put the humidifier away on Thursday night, which I am NEVER EVER DOING AGAIN because she woke up Friday morning dripping like a faucet again. I am just SO DONE with this shit. We were up with her approximately every 90 minutes last night. I am getting too old for this.

She’s also working on her 2-year molars, which appears to be pure hell. So there’s that.

Apparently, Charlotte has some feelings about this combination of sickness and teething because Catch reported yesterday that she was stomping around the house yelling, “Damnit!” repeatedly. I feel ya, kid. I really do.

It appears we’re all just a bit on the grouchy side. (This one was courtesy of my mom when she babysat yesterday.)


Over the next 10-ish days, we’re supposed to prepare a shit ton of stuff to sell at a consignment sale (ugh—they make it so complicated!), host an Easter brunch, attend two other Easter events, and go camping for 3 days. Also, you know, work. It would be really great if we could all get healthy and maybe—I know this is a stretch—get more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep. Please.

5 thoughts on ““Damnit!”

  1. Colds suck! Glad you are feeling better at least.

    I know it is counterintuitive but the runny nose she had after the humidifier was a good thing. It’s draining instead of being stuck up there, which also means less or no suctioning required. Just lots of boogie wipes. And have you tried benadryl? That’s helped us a lot at night so we can all get sleep and she can breathe better.

    You can also try some homeopathic cold medicine. We did the hylands syrup I believe which helped as well. Good luck!

  2. Yikes, I’m glad the antibiotics are starting to give you a little bit of relief, but woo, do you guys need a huge break from the sickness, huh? Sending positive thoughts your way in hopes C starts to mend sooner rather than later.

    Also, that “fuck you”. I’d frame it. 😉

  3. Hope you feel better soon. The two year old molars were the worst! For us they came in one at a time and it took months- horrible! Your poor baby.

  4. 😴I’m exhausted just reading your post. Good luck getting through the busy weekend, good luck finally getting the sick out of your home, and good luck getting more than 2 hours sleep!!

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