Three Thursday Things

At 4:50 on Tuesday morning, Catch and I stood helplessly and watched as our sweet hound girl, Twix, had a massive seizure. I cried. A lot. It was a very long day punctuated by 5 seizures (4 milder ones and one big one) and a lot of unknowns. I was afraid that by the end of it, there would be a huge gaping void in my bed and an even bigger one in my heart.

Every bit of me is radiating relief right now because more than 48 hours later, things are looking pretty good for our girl. She started meds on Tuesday afternoon, and no one has witnessed any seizure activity since she took that first pill. So far, she’s not having any side effects from the drugs, and she is her usual self. It’s a better outcome than I even thought we could hope for. Fingers crossed that it continues.


I am sick. Still? Again? I’m really not sure. I’m going on over 2 weeks of this crap and I am just SO. DONE. The worst of it is this deep, hacking cough that I can’t kick. It’s just sucking the life out of me. Every morning I wake up hoping there’ll be some improvement, and every morning I am disappointed. This is what happens when your body is completely run down from sleep deprivation. I am not getting enough rest and I’m not taking care of myself and I am paying for it. It sucks.

Last night at the dinner table, I had a particularly rough coughing fit that left me breathless and miserable. Charlotte thought it was the funniest thing she’s ever seen and when I finally stopped coughing, she enthusiastically demanded, “Again!” Toddlers, man. So much love.

My wife did all kinds of incredible things over the weekend to get Charlotte out of the house so that I could just lie in bed and rest. I hated missing out on those precious weekend hours with my kiddo, but I sure needed that down time.


We bought Charlotte a toddler pillow. She has absolutely zero interest in sleeping on said pillow. Instead, we get to watch as every night after we say good night and close the door, she methodically grabs each one of the “guys” in her crib, lays them on the pillow and says, “Night night dog. Night night Elmo. Night night hop. Night night giraffe.” (Bunnies are hops.) She offers each of them her paci, and then sings them You Are My Sunshine (her bedtime song). It has drastically increased the amount of time it takes her to fall asleep, but it is so damn cute that I can’t bring myself to put a stop to it.



4 thoughts on “Three Thursday Things

  1. Omg she has guys. My niece had buddies. I wonder if that’s just a common stage? But yeah, she’d put all her “buddies” to bed, all 20-ish of them, and use the same routine for each and every one. I think my mother-in-law is still traumatized.
    I’m glad Twix is doing better and the meds seem to be working. I can’t imagine how frightening that must have been. Oh pets – how they worm their ways into our hearts.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am so relieved Twix seems to be okay now!!!! I just cannot even think of any other possibility! And I’m glad you were given some time to sleep and hopefully you’ll be able to beat your cold sooner rather then later – I find that sleeping makes such a huge difference for me. And oh my gosh I love the bed time routine, she is so sweet!! Little MPB has no interest in stuffed animals, no matter how hard I try to force them on him!

  3. That bedtime story is the best. Melt.
    Did they put Twix on phenobarbital? My (deeply missed) rescue boxer had epilepsy since a pup and the meds worked great except as she got older and then we had to up dosage and it made her a bit wobbly at first. Hoping Twix stays settled and you all enjoy more time together. I also hope you kick that sickness soon.

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