Photo A Day Project: Days 77-83

I decided to try to take a photo a day with my DSLR for 100 days. Here’s this week’s batch!

My heart wasn’t in it this week. Too much sickness and exhaustion.

Day 77/March 24: Whirlwind evening. Didn’t pick up the camera until I was on my way to the couch, and I had no interest in doing anything but this.


Day 78/March 25: The first hint of sickness. She put her head down and said, “Night night.”


Day 79/March 26: No clue what’s going on here. It’s the only picture I took that day.


Day 80/March 27: We’ve been trying to get her to float on her back in the pool, so she’s teaching Abby how to float.


Day 81/March 28: The morning was ROUGH, but by late afternoon she was feeling well enough for some play time outside. Poor kid has some serious cabin fever.


Day 82/March 29: FaceTime with her auntie & uncle in Colorado while she splashed in the tub put a smile on her face for a while.


Day 83/March 30: Every Thursday morning, my dad brings her a donut. I fought it for a while, but I’ve given up. It’s their thing. Raspberry jelly today. Mornings have been hard for her this week because she wakes up feeling so lousy, so it was nice to see her happy even if it was sugar-induced.



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