Stick a Fork in Me

Last week, I came down with the cold Catch had the previous week.

On Thursday, my in-laws arrived for a 4 night stay.

On Saturday morning, Charlotte woke up with the family cold. Her first full blown sickness. (I know–we’re so lucky we made it this long.)

Saturday night was a shit show of epic proportions. Charlotte never slept for longer than 30 minutes. I sat on the couch with her from 10pm to 6am a) to help keep her upright so she could breathe, and b) because she wouldn’t let me put her down. Sometime in the middle of the night, she started screaming. And screaming. And screaming. We tried everything. We were exhausted and at our wit’s end (also worried about our kid)… then factor in in-laws who want to “help” and a me who is throwing some serious shade at said in-laws and you just have the most spectacular cluster fuck of a night imaginable.

All of that carried into Sunday. Charlotte was the sickest she’s ever been. I was fucking exhausted and completely touched out. My in-laws kept trying to help to the best of their ability, but all it was doing was pissing me off and I didn’t understand why they wouldn’t just GO HOME. Why do you want to be in a house with a screaming sick baby and her exhausted grouchy parents?

(In fairness–they were only scheduled to stay until Monday because we asked them to babysit on Sunday afternoon so we could go see Beauty and the Beast. Which obviously never happened because sick kid trumps all… but man, I was looking forward to that ALL WEEK and I was so disappointed when I had to call and ask for a refund on our tickets.)

I keep waiting for her to turn a corner on this miserable fucking cold, but she just hasn’t. The last three mornings alone have involved more screaming than the last year combined. She can’t breathe. Her cough is scaring her. Like, she coughs and then she jumps up and throws her arms around me in a panic and starts sobbing “It’s ok, mama’s here” in her raspy, congested little voice. (Apparently, I have said that quite a bit these last 5 days…)

She’s barely eating. We are struggling to get fluids into her. The Motrin that she usually takes with enthusiasm is being spit out and causing more screaming. She wants boobies or her paci for comfort, but she can’t breathe well enough for either and total meltdown ensues. Every inch of me, Catch, and our house is covered in snot and tears. I have not been on time for work once this week and I am SO BUSY with Big Important Things that my boss who rarely even gives me a second thought is actually checking up on me and the timing couldn’t possibly be worse.

Anyway, I am tired and stressed, and I hope to return one day very soon with Happy Words, but today is not that day.



24 thoughts on “Stick a Fork in Me

  1. Ugh, we are fighting the same battle against the cold here with the 9-month old. It’s so, so painful. The sound of her cough scares ME, even though the doctor still thinks she’s going to pull through on her own. I HATE torturing her with the NoseFrida, but it’s the only way I can get air through her sinuses so she can breathe to nurse. Day 6 of the cold over here…hoping desperately to come around the corner soon.

    And the in-laws? That would drive me bananas.

  2. I’m so damn sorry. We’ve been battling the cough then vomit monster at night with Linnea. And by that I mean, Leah is because Linnea wants nothing to do with me at night. You’re a fucking Rockstar.

  3. This is just the worst, and to have to host other people on top of it would have me in fits as well.

    As for the sleeping, have you tried a Nosafrida? It helps tremendously with our kids who have congestion, if that’s the case. And for food, will she tolerate a smoothie? You can stick a lot in those and still keep it water based so it tastes good and won’t upset her stomach. (You can even make it with breastmilk if you have any expressed.)

    Hope you guys catch a break soon. Feel better, C!

    • Thank you for the reminder because I was actually thinking of running to Target for a nosefrida today. We’ve been able to use the nasal aspirator intermittently, but boy is it a fight. The last time I made her a smoothie she flat out rejected it, but maybe it’s worth another try. The cold would probably feel good. Maybe I can even try freezing it as popsicles if she won’t drink it. She’s generally amenable to anything frozen that we call “ice cream.”

      • I occasionally buy the greek yogurt tubes and freeze them for a treat for the kids, so she could get a little bit of protein in there, and they freeze quickly.

        I also make, though she’s maybe a little young, a smoothie that is half orange juice/half water and just frozen bananas. It usually helps with colds around here.

      • We do the frozen yogurt tubes, too–another “ice cream.” Hah. I love how gullible she is at this age. Just like when I told her that the baby lemons on my dwarf lemon tree are “hot!” so she won’t pluck them!

  4. oh no! This was Mabel for pretty much most of January and February. I hope she gets some relief soon. I highly recommend the nose frida. So satisfying to suck all that snot out. And its so helpful to use it right before a bottle or nursing or meal time. Makes eating a bit easier. Poor mamas and baby. good luck!

    • I have to ask, does Mabel act like you’re trying to kill her when you suck the snot out? My daughter does, and I hate that aspect of it, but it IS so satisfying to hear and see the congestion come out!!

  5. Poor y’all! When H was super sick like this (ugh the upright sleeping, I know it well) we used a rented nebulizer from the pediatrician and while it’s torture and terrible at first, it really did help. It’s so terrible watching them miserable. 😔

  6. Oh nooo, this sounds like such a horrible time for all of you 🙁 I can’t imagine having to go in to work and actually perform while going through all this at home. NOT looking forward to our first baby sickness…I hope poor Charlotte starts feeling better really soon. ❤️

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