zzZzzzZ Huh?

I am so tired that I probably shouldn’t even be allowed to drive home. I don’t know why this round of teething is hitting me so much harder than the 16 previous rounds, but for some reason tooth #17 is kicking my ass. I can only imagine how Charlotte feels.

Last night at bedtime, she ASKED for Motrin.

I have a really important presentation to give to our executive management team first thing in the morning, and I don’t know how I will string together coherent thoughts if I don’t get some sleep tonight. 4 hours… if I could just get 4 consecutive hours instead of 4 broken hours, I will probably be okay.

Please, universe. Let me sleep. Let Charlotte sleep. I need my job.

Send caffeine.


9 thoughts on “zzZzzzZ Huh?

  1. All I can muster right now is a string of very not nice words because sleep has completely left our house too thanks to tooth 16!! So rather then writing a tonne of expletives on your blog, I’ll just say I hear you and I’ll be thinking of you all as we are up all night again!

  2. I broke out the Motrin today as well. She’s just so freaking fussy and I know it’s not even molars. She’s over a year and only has 2 teeth. I’m in for a long road, huh?

    • Maybe that means she’ll cut multiple teeth at once so it won’t be so drawn out? Fingers crossed that’ll be the case! Every single freaking tooth has meant 2-3 weeks of torture for us. I am so over it! Motrin is my BFF!

  3. Does Charlotte wear an amber necklace? I swear by them! The boys cut all their teeth (including molars) and we had no clue! And Austin cut the top 4 teeth and was drooling like crazy, but no fever, no pain, no sleepless nights. Have you tried one?

    • Yeah, she wore one 24/7 for a good 6 months, but it made absolutely no difference for her. She is just a terrible teether! We ditched the necklace one day after one of her lovies got tangled with it at naptime. Freaked me the hell out, so adios necklace.

      • Yeah, i probably would have felt the same way. Dang!!! You know though, (scientific fact as my wife is redhead as well), you guys just experience pain differently. Poor things! And also, nothing works on you! Callie needs like a million rounds of anesthesia when she gets her teeth done or anything actually! Poor Charlotte. Good thing it’s almost done..just a few more!

      • It really is true about redheads and anesthesia/pain. It’s so bizarre. Before I gave birth, I actually had a conversation with my (redheaded) OB about it. Her husband is an anesthesiologist, and she swore up and down that the epidural would work fine and that the redhead thing is overstated. Cut to three failed epidurals. They never got that damn thing to work for me. My OB is lucky she wasn’t there for Charlotte’s birth because I would have had some choice words for her.

      • Oh, i know all about this! Callie was very clear with the anethesiologist when she had her C-Section with the twins. He didn’t listen! HE DIDN’T LISTEN!!!!!! She was pretty effing pissed. Yeah, it’s weird! sometimes I think Austin will be a red head as the sun changes his hair color. He just deals with pain so well! Like, a higher tolerance. Very Strange indeed!

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