Yesterday morning, Charlotte was in the den watching Sesame Street with me and the nanny. The letter of the day was D and we were sitting at the chalkboard, so we pulled a D magnet out of her box and put it up on the board.

I said, “Duh duh duh dee… What words start with the letter D? Dinner starts with D. Dinosaur starts with D. Dog starts with D. What other words start with D?”

Charlotte looked at me with a smile on her face and said, “Duck!”

The nanny and I practically fell over. This is not something we have ever worked on with her before. We both kind of shrugged it off as coincidence. I told Catch about it on the phone later and she was in agreement that it was a fluke.

Even so, we tried the same exercise at dinner last night out of curiosity.

“Charlotte, what words start with the letter D? Dinner starts with D. Dinosaur starts with D…” Charlotte interrupted, “Dog!”

So–maybe not so much coincidence? I really don’t know. I feel like maybe some of it was just memory from our conversation in the morning, but still–maybe there’s something to it. We’re going to try with some different letters this week and see what happens.

Which leads me to the point of this post: School.

As of yesterday, Charlotte is registered to start preschool full time in a 2 year old classroom in mid-August. Applications were accepted, deposits were forked over (ouch), and I’m pretty sure our beloved nanny cried.

I am caught somewhere between excitement and trepidation.

I think this is going to be so good for her. She needs more stimulation. She needs more socialization. She is very ready for those things.

I feel like she’s much less ready for other things… mostly being away from home all day and fighting for attention in a classroom with way more kids than adults. (1:6 ratio for 2 year olds here in CA)

I know that she will adjust in time, but I think the transition is going to be hard. Hopefully it’s harder for me than it is for her, but I have a gut feeling that she’s really going to struggle initially. She has only ever been cared for at home by us, the nanny or one of her grandparents. I feel like it’s going to be a shock to her system. I don’t think it will be insurmountable–goodness knows that kids go into daycare programs at all different ages for all kinds of reasons. I guess I’m just anticipating some heartbreak and some second thoughts and I hate both of those things.

We are going to try to ease her into the new routine. Catch is going to spend 4 weeks with her in the mommy & me program the month before she turns two. It’s just two days a week for two hours.

Mommy & me will end the Friday before Charlotte’s second birthday, and on that Monday (one day after her birthday) she will move to summer camp in the 2 year old program. She’ll be there 3 days a week for half days. That will be another 4 weeks. Then, Catch will be back at work and Charlotte will start full time, five days a week.

I feel like we’ve worked it out so that the transition is gradual and makes sense. We won’t know how she’s going to respond to any of this until we’re in the thick of things, so until late June, all I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best.

(The up shot to preschool: So much less $$$$ than the nanny! Not that she isn’t worth every penny, but…)


11 thoughts on “School

  1. She will do great! Ali started pre school at a couple months shy of 2 after me staying home with her the whole time. I won’t lie, there were tears for a month or so, but then she loved it and loves it still!

  2. I feel for you!! As you know we are currently living through this transition and I’ll admit all the transition visits with me and the part days did absolutely NOTHING to help with the full time days. Honestly. When he started full time he was MISERABLE. But that only last 1 week (and on more then one occasion I seriously debated pulling him from the daycare because I was heartbroken for him). But by week 2 he only cried for a few minutes when he arrived. And by week 3 he’s now high fiving other babies (which may be the cutest thing of all time). He still doesn’t love drop off, but apparently that’s a sign of normal healthy attachment.
    Anyways, I’ll definitely be thinking of you guys and I really hope it goes well!!

  3. She will do great!!! Obvs she is a smartie. 🙂 Mine is starting mid-August as well and current obsession is omg is my kid REALLY gonna sleep on a nap mat??? The teachers have sworn to me that they all do. I’m gonna need a picture of that. Good luck to y’all! My experience when starting her in Mother’s Day out was that we needed much more adjustment than she did! 😂

    • Oh my gosh, yes–I cannot even begin to wrap my head around the idea of a nap mat. Total insanity. I will definitely require proof to believe this.

  4. I’m sure she’ll love being around the other kiddos and adjust to being out of the house during the days. As much attention and as many awesome experiences as you (the adults in her life) provide, there are things she’ll get in a pre-school setting that you just wouldn’t be able to do –or that she wouldn’t be as receptive to coming from you. Enjoy this at-home time while you have it, the changes come fast and furious! (As you know.)

  5. Smart kiddo! We started school shortly after B turned two and it’s been amazing to reflect on how much he has developed since he started in October. She’ll do great!

  6. Friend, i can tell you, having been an teacher in a 2 year old classroom, it is a milllion times worse for the parents. Also, don’t let the 3 minutes of tears when you leave deter you from walking away. They will always be fine. The transition is hard though, but those hugs at kisses, and the “MAAAAMMMAAAAAAA!!!!!!” as they run towards you when they first see you at the classroom door is worth EVERTHING!!! It will make you appreciate the time together so much more. And Charlotte loves to be around other kids (you can see it in her pics!) This is gonna be great for all of you! And who knows! Maybe you and Catch can play hookie, drop Charlotte at school (pick up early obviously!) but then go back home, climb back in bed and cuddle (read: sleep). That’ll be pretty amazing! LOL!

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