Night Four

Our doctor visit went as I predicted. The kid is perfectly healthy. She might be working on one of her two year molars, but that’s it. Is it totally insane to leave the pediatrician’s office DISAPPOINTED that your kid is perfectly healthy? It is. I know. I was just really hoping for some explanation for the sleep insanity.

I glanced at the clock at 6:58 last night and had a full blown panic attack. It was bedtime. I wasn’t ready. I couldn’t do it. My heart was racing. I felt sick. She was going to sense my fear. Not good.

I took a deep breath, walked into her room and announced that it’s bedtime. Sleep sack was zipped. Pacifier was secured. Books were procured.

While we read the last book, she got silly. She was hanging upside down over the arm of the chair and giggling up a storm. I was filled with dread.

The book was finished. Catch turned out the light and we kissed her goodnight. I put her in her crib. She fought me. She was mad. She cried and reached her arms out to me. I only got two lines into “You Are My Sunshine” before I gave up. We left the room and closed the door…

And she laid down and went to sleep.

I put on my sneakers and took the dogs for a walk. As I approached the house 20-ish minutes later, I listened carefully, expecting to hear crying. It was still quiet.

She woke up twice overnight, which is not exactly ideal, but both times she went back into her crib willingly so I’m calling it a win.

I’m not convinced that we’re out of the woods yet. All hell could still break loose again tonight, but man did I need that last night. I think another night of screaming would have put me over the edge. At least if it happens again tonight, I’ll be better equipped to handle it than I was last night.

Fingers crossed.



7 thoughts on “Night Four

  1. Did you ever think you’d be so freaking obsessed with SLEEP?!?! It’s all I talk about, think about, worry about. Well not ALL…but a lot. Getting out and walking the dog was a great idea. I found with my kids, it’s helped not rushing into their rooms when they start to cry and they are learning to put themselves back to sleep. I usually put them to bed and then jump in the shower. My routine lasts about 20 minutes (15 of which is just standing there in the quiet and zoning out) and they have usually cried it out when I’m done.

    I’m glad she’s healthy!

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