Game Over

So, for anyone playing along at home, last night sucked. So much. Our crib hack worked, but that’s pretty much the only thing that went right last night.

Screaming from Molly on Vimeo.

We’re headed to the pediatrician later this afternoon to rule out anything medical–like an ear infection. They’re probably going to act like I’m the crazy mom who overreacts to things, but in all of our sleep trouble, I have never heard my little girl scream like she did last night. I need to know there’s no physical cause before we proceed. Although saying, “before we proceed” makes it sound like we have a plan, which we don’t.


18 thoughts on “Game Over

  1. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry that you had another horrible night. I think you are very smart to check in with the dr to make sure something isn’t going on that you cannot see. Who knows, maybe the dr will have a suggestion or two about the screaming in the middle of the night? I just hope whatever is going on you are able to figure it out and that there is a magical cure so that you never have to hear those screams again. ❤

      • When that happened with Melody it was stomach cramps from the bug going around, which was confirmed the next day when it happened to my wife. So hopefully it passes soon. Are her poops good and soft? If not it’s probably a good idea to give her some prunes/prune juice to keep them soft enough that she isn’t have problems moving. Check with the pediatrician, but that was prescribed by our pediatrician.

  2. So sorry. We had a shitty night too. Melody’s belly bothered her enough to not rest unless nursing or physically as close as possible, but not quite enough to be screaming. Two nights in a row like you guys had would be horrible. I hope you find a solution soon.

    • The last 3 nights, all she wants is to be held in my arms and rocked. The first night, I went with it because it was so out of the ordinary that I thought something must be up, but she’s totally fine during the day–she’s even napping just fine. I don’t get it. Whatever this is, it better be short lived.

  3. OH NO! Good call on going to the doctor. Hopefully she is not sick but at the same time you kind of “hope” she is so then there is a reason for the madness.

  4. Is it a leap? You’ve probably already thought about that, but just in case.
    Poor baby. 😦 Poor you. Definitely a good idea to go to the doctor to see if anything’s up. Omg and I thought our crying baby was hard…

    • There’s no formal “leap” at this age (Wonder Weeks taps out after the 10th leap at 17 months) but we have noticed that she is suddenly more aware of the concept of fear–in ways that she never was before. We are trying to figure out if the bedtime freak out is fear-based. Dark, separation, that sort of thing. It came up because in her screaming, she was calling out “okay okay okay” which is what she does when she’s scared or hurt. (She picked it up because we say “it’s okay” or “you’re okay” so we know when she starts with the ok ok ok that something is wrong.) So my money is on pain or fear. It’s terrible, but I’m hoping for pain because it’s a lot easier to fix.

      • If that were J, I would think that screaming sounds more like outrage/fear than pain – usually her pain screams are a lot more shrill. J did some very similar-sounding screaming when she developed more separation anxiety. We used to be able to leave her to fall asleep herself, but then she started screaming when we did that, so now we wait until she falls asleep. Not great, but we’ve got no fight left right now.

        Wishing you all sleep and health. And good job with the crib!

      • Fear is the exactly the answer I’m afraid of. (Hah.) It makes sense. All of a sudden, she has this very real fear of flies–like sheer terror if there is a fly near her. And the timing of that coincides with these last 3 nights of freak outs.

  5. Julia had her worst night in a while (possibly ever) last night, made worse by the fact that it was sandwiched between two stir-crazy-inducing snow days with both children. Which is really just to say: solidarity, ladies.

  6. Oh baby girl. 😦 She sounds so unhappy. I hope you get answers and sleep soon. Poor thing. I wanted to jump through the screen and hug her.

  7. Evelyn has had two DREADFUL nights last night and the night before. Can we blame the moon or something? I don’t know but it fucking sucks. I’m sorry and I hope tonight is better.

    • Solidarity, my friend. As usual. I totally think the moon/daylight savings combination is responsible for destroying my life. Your too, apparently.

  8. Our daughters are so similar in the sleep terrorism department, I feel your pain. Wanting to be rocked all the time (Asking for it! How do I say no to that???) and I literally could have written the words that she has been crying in such a jarring, crazy way like never before. Ugh. And then I got in a frustrated screaming match with my partner about “WHO HAS AN ALMOST TWO YEAR OLD THAT WON’T SLEEP???” So just dropping by to say that you are not alone and I’ve been blaming DST and the full moon because I’m losing sanity this week. Hang in there, moms.

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