Eff You DST

All hell broke loose at our house last night. 

Charlotte went to bed peacefully. She was sound asleep ten minutes later. Then, just as Catch and I were getting settled on the couch debating over who was responsible for fetching the ice cream, we heard something on the monitor. 

She was up. Totally up. Standing in her crib hurling all of her pacis and lovies across the room, crying and screaming maaaamaaa. 


We waited to see how it was going to play out but it escalated big time and we went in. I calmed her down. She nursed for a minute. We decided to do bedtime routine 2.0. Catch read her books and we went through the usual steps. I put her in her crib. She FREAKED. 

We decided to walk out and see how it played out, and as I turned my back to walk to the door I heard a sickening thud. 

My kid had hurled herself out of her crib and was lying face down on the floor screaming a scream that I would love to never hear again. 

I pulled her into the glider and even in the dark I could tell she was bleeding. We moved to the bathroom to try to see. It was her mouth. It appears that she tore her small lip tie. 

We moved to the couch and turned on Frozen. It’s guaranteed to calm her down. It worked. But now we had a problem. We couldn’t put her back in her crib so how the hell were we going to get her to sleep. 

Ove the next 2 hours we tried EVERY trick in our book. We laid in our bed in the dark while she sang every song she knows and literally spun in circles (kicking us as she went).

I finally strong armed her. I held her in my arms so tight that she had to struggle to wiggle. Eventually she sang herself to sleep in my arms. 

Cue the worst sleep in the history of sleep. I got no rest last night and I feel like death today. So does Charlotte. So does Catch. 

When she woke up this morning she went straight for her stroller and watched her Sesame Street from there. She looks hungover. 

I just looked like death. 

I told the office I’m not coming in today. I did not cancel the nanny. 

First thing this morning, my dad helped me hack the crib so we can put her mattress directly on the floor. Pre-hack, there was only 21″ between mattress and crib rail. Now we have 25″. Hopefully this solves the “throwing herself across the room” issue. 

I have no idea what to do with her sudden refusal to sleep. I’m hoping daylight savings time is the problem and she’ll adjust soon. 

The up side is that with the nanny around, I was able to get a ton done at home. I left when Charlotte went (peacefully) down for her nap and I’m enjoying a quiet lunch by myself hoping some me time will keep me from losing my shit tonight. 

Please send sleepy vibes out into the universe for us. Tonight has to be better, right?


13 thoughts on “Eff You DST

  1. 😦 What a rough night!! We converted to the toddler bed and have it next to our bed. But that means there’s no way to keep Melody in it. Wish I had a solution, but I hope yours works!

  2. What a horrible nights sleep. I am not looking forward to J trying these kinds of acrobatics. I actually saw a nifty idea on Pinterest about Montisori based floor beds. I hate the idea of J falling out of bed so this seems like a neat idea, I’m just. It sure what to do with all his toys so he doesn’t just play all night long.

  3. I am petrified of Little MPB learning to throw himself out of his crib! I cannot even imagine how horrible that was for you last night! Plus no sleep afterwards. I’m glad you took the day off work and kept the nanny! And I’m thrilled your dad was able to help with the crib redesign!
    I desperately hope tonight goes better for you all. ❤

  4. Omg. That sounds terrifying. I’m sorry about your sleep. 😦
    But omg that pic of her in the stroller… I can’t stop giggling. She just looks so angry.
    I hope tonight goes much better for all. ❤

  5. When Roo out grew her cot we ended up just expanding the confined space to her whole room by putting a child gate in the door. She has a toddler bed to sleep in. The first few nights she slept on the floor for part of the night! But soon settled into it.

  6. I hope last night was better! That really f-ing sucks. I hope with the day off and nanny you were able to get some sleep to feel semi-human. I’ve had friends that extended the life of the crib by months with that hack, so fingers crossed. We had to push B’s bedtime back an hour last year because of DLST- totally sucked.

  7. Have u tried a mattress on the floor. My 21 month old daughter never liked the crib and it was always a struggle to put her in it. So we have had a regular floor size mattress (4 inch thick from Ikea) since she was 8 months old.

  8. omg that sleep deprived morning face is sooooo familiar. Often I’m like, “who even are you?” to the woman in the mirror.

    I give Charlotte HUGE credit for her perseverance and gumption to go over the crib rail. Girl has some GUTS! I’m sorry about her injury and the adorable yet pathetic face coming from her stroller the next morning, but also proud of her in an odd way, haha. Awesome that your dad hacked the crib – I love it!

  9. Oh my goodness! That sounds so scary. Also, im impressed that you were out and about during the day. Pretty sure I would have handed Mabel off to the nanny and then slept the entire day….

  10. Uuugh. I’m feeling your pain with the terrible sleep (as I sidle up beside my baby on the teeny tiny crib mattress on the floor for the 2nd night in a row) but man oh man would it ever be an added stress to have your kid fling themself out of the crib and bleed. Parenting is HARD.

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