The Mom Fail I Totally Wasn’t Expecting

This one’s actually about the dogs!


Last weekend, I was sitting on the couch and both dogs were in the room. Guys, they smelled so bad. It’s been a ridiculous amount of time since either of them has had a bath. They freak at the groomer, so we have to bathe them ourselves and there are two problems with that:

  1. TIME. As in, there isn’t enough of it.
  2. Our new house has a separate shower and tub. That means we either have to stick them in the tub and try to make that work with only a big cup for rinsing (With dirty tub water. Yuck.), or we put them in the TEEEEEENY tiny shower and kill our backs crouching down on the floor.

But on Sunday last week, I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore and I lured both of them into the bathroom and then shoved them into the shower one at a time.

I bathed Twix first. It was uneventful, except for my screaming lower back.

Rolo went next. Rolo is kind of a pain in the ass. He refuses to stand in the shower. He sits. It makes it really difficult to wash/rinse his rear area or turn him around. I thought I was done with him, so I turned off the water. Then, while I was squeezing the excess water from his back area, I realized it was still pretty soapy. I turned the water back on and resumed rinsing him. He was sitting so his belly and boy parts were on the floor of the shower. I was rinsing away. He was wiggling like crazy. I yelled at him to sit still. He wiggled even more. I gripped him firmly in place and told him I was almost done. He outright cried. I yelled at him.

It was right around then that I realized that when I turned the water back on, I had turned the hot water ALLLLLLL the way to hot. It was SCALDING. And Rolo’s penis was sitting in a pool of it.

The burn blistered.

Guys, I gave my dog second degree burns to his penis.

If you ever feel like a negligent animal parent, please just keep that thought handy. I guarantee you’ll feel better.


12 thoughts on “The Mom Fail I Totally Wasn’t Expecting

  1. Because Eric uses the dogs water bowl as a water table, it ends up raised on the dishwasher 80% of the day. Poor dogs. We’ve created a water crisis and now water is a luxury for them.

  2. Accidentally pressed send too early. It’s so hard with toddlers and dogs. I feel like we neglect ours a lot too, and most days we kinda wish we didn’t have them (imagine, we used to be people who considered our dogs our kids!). It’s sad, but we’ve even talked about rehoming them. They’d be so sad though. A life of being neglected is better than not living with us.

  3. Oh lord. I was wincing thinking you were going to say it was caught in the drain and you tugged him before realizing. Bet you can only imagine why I’d be anticipating something like that. Ugh. Parent fails abound in our home.

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