Waving the White Cloth Flag

2 weeks

Charlotte has been in cloth diapers since we got home from the hospital. We were gifted a few months of diaper service, and we stuck with it.

Using a diaper service has been great for us. They provide almost everything—diaper pail, liner, deodorizer, and diapers. We provide the covers. Every Monday, Jose grabs our bag of dirty diapers from the front porch, blows kisses to Charlotte through the window, and then leaves us a fresh stack of crisp white prefolds.

For 19 months, we’ve been using a prefold with a snappi and then a cover like this. Prefolds are the only option the diaper service offers.

It was fine for a long time, but diaper changes turned to hell several months ago. These days, changing Charlotte’s diaper is like trying to wrestle an angry octopus into pantyhose. The other day, I ripped my finger open on the teeth of a snappi while she kicked one of her pictures off the wall and I tried to catch her lamp from crashing to the floor with the hand that wasn’t getting blood all over her fresh white diaper.

I am done.

We recently reduced the amount of cloth diapers we’re getting each week–a pretty regular occurrence as Charlotte has gotten older. This adjustment has actually left us short a few diapers by the time Sunday rolls around, so we’ve been falling back on the small stash of disposables we keep on hand.

I can get a disposable on this kid in half the time it takes me to try to get a prefold on her. I have started LOOKING FORWARD to running out of cloth.

This morning, I purposely didn’t change Charlotte’s diaper when she woke up so that the nanny would have to do it. I just didn’t want to deal with the fight. I listened to the screaming and the struggle while I was getting dressed for work, and let me tell you—I made the right call!

I called Catch on the way to work to feel her out. It went like this:

“Are you as done with cloth diapers as I am?”


“Cool. Let’s cancel.”

When I was pregnant, it was actually Catch who was passionate about cloth diapering, so I was relieved to hear that she feels the same way I do at this point.

It would be different if we had alternate options available to us through our diaper service, but we don’t. We could change to a different service, but the ones that offer fitteds and AIOs are almost double the price we’re paying now, and that’s just not happening. And at this point it doesn’t really make sense for us to buy a new cloth diaper system. The preschool Charlotte will start at in August doesn’t allow cloth, so we’ll have to change things up then anyway.

So, we have about two pre-paid weeks of cloth diapering left and then we’re onto disposables.

Hit me with your smart shopping tips for disposables! Charlotte has done well in Pampers on the occasions that we’ve used them, so we’ll probably stick with them. We have Amazon Prime—I’m thinking that might be our best bet? Subscribe & Save maybe?


16 thoughts on “Waving the White Cloth Flag

  1. We’ve been using the Honest diapers. They have the cutest prints! They actually make me not want to potty train which is silly. I think as long as you go with what works for your kid though, it will be fine. Do a quick price comparison between amazon, diapers.com, and costco and see what makes sense. I have heard good things about target brand and walmart brand. I suspect they are all the same diaper with a different sticker. 😉

  2. We never even tried cloth diapering. At first I used the excuse that we’d be out of country when he was born. Then I just decided to embrace disposables and we’ve never looked back. 😊
    Costco is cheaper then amazon here. But amazon is way more convenient. So if I’m at Costco I buy a box. If we are running out and I don’t want to go to Costco then I buy amazon. We dont have diapers.com here so i cannot comment on them. We use huggies because that’s what costco sells. We did use pampers and they were good to, but we now seem to prefer huggies. But honestly, just find the ones that fit charlotte best, brands don’t really matter.

  3. Do all babies go through the “wrestling an angry octopus into pantyhose” phase? Every toddler I’ve seen during a diaper change seems to behave like this. My tiny little Avery LOVES diaper change time right now, so cloth is no big deal. But I can see it becoming a problem if/when she gets to that stage. We use AI2s though, so they’re a bit more like snapping on a disposable. I can see myself giving up really fast if it becomes a battle!
    And all I know about disposable shopping is that No Frills is our cheapest option. We don’t like the Kirkland diapers at Costco (recognizing that all babies are different!) and Walmart is surprisingly NOT the cheapest option out there.
    Good luck with saving the pennies!

  4. Ugh, I know what you mean – when J was first born we used prefolds and I was like “This is so easy! Why doesn’t everyone do it?” Then when she was around a year old things got trickier so we bought a bunch of hybrid/AIOs to save our sanity. Totally worth it for us, but can I can’t imagine doing it if it meant double the cost. We’ve uses disposables for back up and/or night time, and have liked the Seventh Generation ones – we wait until they are on sale, they are often 25% off on Amazon. Hope the transition makes things easier for you!

  5. Wow! 19 months of prefolds?! Color me impressed. We switched to pockets back during single digit months with ours, and selective use of disposables (nighttime, travel, etc) early-on with Julia.

    Disposables we use Seventh Generation and some sort of mail auto-replenish thing. I think through diapers.com but maybe Subscribe & Save (or maybe they’re the same thing? I dunno, my wife handles it). Plus a package in the back of the closet for emergencies like poop marathon at the end of the last box or running out right before we go on vacation and won’t be home to receive the new delivery.

    Also, because they are so much thinner than cloth, pretty much all our bags have a hidden diaper or two hiding in them.

    But yeah, Seventh Generation, until we had to get designated overnight pull-ups for a daytime potty trained kid.

    So glad you and Catch are on the same page. What a relief! For all of you (haha).

  6. I winced hard at you snagging your thumb on the snappi. I’ve been so afraid of Lady Jr getting her fingers caught in one of those, she’s gotten super wiggly. Not quite octopus wiggles, but it looks like we’ll get there eventually.
    You made it 19 months with prefolds, though – I say congrats are in order!

  7. I’m a master of getting disposables LN sale. We use pampers swaddles and then baby dry at night. If you go to a grocery store that has a shoppers xard where you can load digital coupons they almost always have digital diaper coupons that you can also stack with a printed coupon. Also target frequently runs a promo where if you buy a certain amount of diapers they give you gift cards which you can then turn around and use for more diapers, or anything really. I stock UP when they do that.

  8. So the things that works best for us (is your into free money and couponing!). We use CVS. We get pampers or buggies depending on which ones are on sale. The more you buy, the more you save…we get coupons (with our plus card) for $5 off $25 on diapers and wipes, and we also get extra bucks a lot! Callie got one of our bills down from $268 in diapers to $27 and some change!!!! Even the cashier was impressed! And She does it all the time! Between printable manufacturers coupons and cvs taking double coupons as well, you can do really, really well! Also, Rite Aid gives you money back for your purchases. A friend spent so much last year at rite aid, that she gets 20% of EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME! It’s ridiculous! You can do really well in places like that if you can score some sweet coupons because their “buy back” programs are so dope…

  9. We have always been a Pampers family. However we were recently given some of the Costco (Kirkland) brand and needless to say I am headed there at my lunch to stock up. Of course we figured this out now after having to buy diapers for basically the last 5 years!

  10. That sounds like it makes perfect sense. Making it this far on mostly cloth is a huge accomplishment! We use a mix of about 90% cloth, 10% disposable, but sometimes I just skip the laundry and do a day or two of disposable.
    I’ve heard Costco has good deals on disposable, if you have a membership. Otherwise, I think Amazon subscription or Target subscription is the way to go.

  11. My son is a wiggly baby during diaper changes too (well wiggly toddler now). We let him stand up and that has helped us. I think it is good you are changing over to disposables though. I’ve been thinking about it myself because toddler poop isn’t fun to deal with. 😭

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