Photo A Day Project: Days 48-54

I decided to try to take a photo a day with my DSLR for 100 days. Here’s this week’s batch!

Note: I made it past the halfway mark! Proud of myself!

Day 48/February 17: She stacked blocks tonight for the first time ever. Usually she just wants to knock them over. She was so insanely proud of herself. Her joy was absolutely magical. (Also–teething & drool!)


Day 49/February 18: Try to get her to wear a hat when she actually needs to and I guarantee it’s not going to happen, but she loves to run around the house in a backward baseball cap in the evening.


Day 50/February 19: At the zoo waiting for the giant river otters to come back.


Day 51/February 20: Grammy came over for dinner and joined us for bath time.


Day 52/February 21: A few quiet minutes with mama after a long day.


Day 53/February 22: She pulled EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK. out of her bookcase one by one. She’d open each book, glance at a single page and then toss it aside and reach for another one. No clue what she was trying to accomplish–aside from making a royal mess.


Day 54/February 23: Charlotte is skeptical of her tricycle, so they’re watching YouTube videos of kids riding tricycles. Charlotte is intrigued, but still not sold on this whole tricycle thing.



6 thoughts on “Photo A Day Project: Days 48-54

    • I make mess! OMG I love that! My mom was at my cousin’s house last week to meet her new baby (she also has a 3 year old). The new baby already has two completely full bookcases in her room and my mom (knowing Charlotte’s tendencies for disaster) asked my cousin, “Aren’t you kind of inviting a mess?” My cousin looked at her confused and said that the 3 year old just takes one book out and then puts it back when he’s done. When my mom was recounting this story to me, she said, “He’s just not normal.” LOL

  1. I adore the photo at the zoo!! The colours are amazing! And the books, that’s a multiple time per day occurrence in this house and has been for months! Every single night after baby mpb goes to bed we restack the bookshelf so he can redo it in the morning. 😂

  2. I don’t know of these calm, tidy children. The funny thing is my son is in this throw everything on the floor phase, but if there is like a fuzz ball or something on the floor he points it out for me to clean up. I think he might have some future clean freak tendencies.

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