19 Months

Tomorrow, Charlotte will be 19 months old and she is absolutely my favorite thing ever.


This kid does not know how to exist inside during daylight hours. Even as an infant, outside was her happy place. The answer to every single tear she has ever cried is to take her outside.


Last week, we were in the midst of a monster downpour that produced 5 inches of rain in 24 hours. Streets were flooded. Power lines down. Trees toppled over. Sinkholes opened up and completely swallowed cars. Charlotte woke up, walked to the front door and said, “Outside? Jacket? Shoe?” Sorry, baby—it’s raining. Maybe later. “Jacket? Outside?” Baby, look out the window—it’s raining really hard. We have to play inside this morning. “Jacket? Shoe?”


We have so many rainy days now that her shoes are constantly wet. We have to keep them on a rotation. We NEVER have rain like this in LA and I balked at the idea of buying rain boots for her at the beginning of winter because I was convinced they would be worn once and a total waste. Wrong!

I absolutely HATE going to restaurants with her. It’s so stressful. She won’t sit down. She screams if we even glance in the direction of a booster seat. She will stay occupied with crayons or whatever tricks we have in the diaper bag for about ten minutes. Then she’ll eat about 3 bites of food before she’s (literally—and I mean that) climbing the walls. And me. I usually end up covered in her food. It’s just not fun. For any of us.

We’ve been working with her on fine motor skills because she’s struggling a bit in that area. Mostly due to a complete lack of interest in fine motor activities. She is a gross motor kind of a girl. Last week, she successfully stacked blocks for the first time ever and she could not contain her excitement. She was SO proud of herself. I have been more diligent about having her use utensils, but dear dog it’s a mess. So much wasted food. She is really awkward with her hands. We’re working on it. Slowly.


She’s totally in love with other kids. Especially the big kids, though she thinks all kids are babies. At the zoo last weekend, she took off after a big kid who was running down a hill and called, “Hi baby!” We’re in no hurry to correct her because we think it’s adorable. That said, the big kids are less receptive to being called baby. Catch was at the park with Charlotte one day when a little girl angrily told her, “I am NOT a baby!”

Verbally, I can’t even keep up with her. She has new words or expressions pretty much every day. This morning we were watching Sesame Street and she pointed at a monkey and said “monkey!” That was new. Then they did the number of the day (19) and after they were done, she said “ni-teen!” Not that she knows what 19 means, but the point is that she’s turning into a little parrot. These are some of my favorites right now:

I see you! (Playing peek-a-boo)

I get you! (Her version of “I’m gonna get you!”)

Thank you, mama! (Melt.)

Boobie? (When she wants to nurse. I die. Seriously.)

Sit down! (She says this mischievously with a twinkle in her eye as she is standing up when she knows she’s supposed to be sitting. Like in the bathtub. Or her high chair.)


She sings, too. She is constantly singing. A particular favorite right now is the Bay City Rollers Bye Bye Baby. The nanny played it for her and she latched onto it. Now she runs around the house singing bye bye baby bye bye all day long.


She loves to dance. She has absolutely no rhythm, but boy does she try. We say “shake your booty!” and she twirls or shuffles her feet and bobs her head to the music in the most awkward way.


Overall, she is a happy, fun, non-stop bundle of energy. I say it every month, but I’m pretty sure right now is my favorite.










14 thoughts on “19 Months

  1. Hehe, boobie…
    Going to restaurants at that age totally sucked, I remember it well. Don’t give up though! Little by little it gets better.
    She’s the cutest, I love her little hair sprout on top of her hear 🙂

    • Agreed, even at 2.5 we are still really selective about the type of restaurants we go to, but I’d say we are starting to come out on the other side. 19 months is fun, but I remember a lot of challenges that peaked at 25 months – those were the terrible twos for us. All of the development is so exciting though. They really start coming into their own around this time. She’s got a sparkle for sure!

  2. I love these posts because I think Charlotte is so darn cute and because I selfishly love the view into what our future holds in a few months!! Baby MPB current loves all things ball, and I remember when Charlotte was obsessed with balls. Somehow this makes me happy. 😊

    • Aww! I love that he’s going through a ball phase! Charlotte is still obsessed with balls. The other day it was raining and we were desperate to get out so we took her to Target and let her play on the ball aisle! Cheap entertainment!

  3. She is so darn cute! That hair and that happy little mischievous face…

    I hated how messy J was with utensils and I felt like it was NEVER going to end, that I’d spend eternity cleaning food from the floor after every meal. Then basically overnight, something changed and she gets it in her mouth every time. So hang in there, it could happen any time!

    Every time I see Charlotte finger painting I get serious mom guilt… I have a package of paint but I just haven’t been able to get my head around the clean up.

    (And contrary to what the above comments seem to imply, I am not actually super clean – just super lazy.)

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