Photo A Day Project: Days 41-47

I decided to try to take a photo a day with my DSLR for 100 days. Here’s this week’s batch!

Note: My camera is really struggling to auto-focus. I thought it was my go-to lens at first, but I switched lenses a few times this week and it’s an issue regardless. If anyone has any tips, I’m open for suggestions! I am missing shots because of it and it’s making me mad.

Day 41/February 10: You’ve got a little something on your face, kid. Catch was working a school dance, and I decided we were going to paint. Charlotte was more interested in eating the paint.


Day 42/February 11: Out for a stroll on a Saturday afternoon.


Day 43/February 12: “Please don’t climb on that!” #RESISTANCE


Day 44/February 13: This shirt is so stained, but I will never part with it.


Day 45/February 14: This is what we think about teething.


Day 46/February 15: This, on the other hand, is what we think about bubbles.


Day 47/February 16: I came home a bit early and we went to the park in anticipation of a rainy weekend. I wish you could see her face here. All smiles and totally fascinated by Spider Man. What? He said that’s his name. He’s 3.



9 thoughts on “Photo A Day Project: Days 41-47

  1. Pigtail teething shot is adorable! I typically love photos of kids my wife takes with her portrait lens. It’s not great for capturing scenes, but it’s exactly suited to the shots in this post. Love her joy and hunger for life (and paint).

  2. I look forward to these every week. Charlotte! 😍😍😍. So, this happens to me every time I use a new lens on my Nikon for the first time. I don’t know WHY it happens, but all you have to do is put the original lens back on, do a master reset on your camera, and then turn it off, change lenses and turn it back on again. That SHOULD fix it….

    • I feel like I am CONSTANTLY doing that. It’s driving me bonkers. I’ll be in the middle of taking pictures at the zoo and I have to stop, disconnect the lens, reconnect the lens, etc. For me it’s not even exclusive to changing lenses. I can be shooting just fine all damn day and then all of a sudden it just says NOPE. Not gonna focus anymore. Grrrrrr.

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