Photo A Day: Days 27-33

I decided to try to take a photo a day with my DSLR for 100 days. Here’s this week’s batch!

I made it a full month! Pretty impressed with myself.

Day 27/January 27: “WayJoe” (AKA grandpa–my dad) spent the weekend with us and Charlotte was in heaven.


Day 28/January 28: Proud mama face. Charlotte has really been struggling at swim class. She does not want to be there. This week was much better, fortunately. She pulled herself out of the pool from the side with no help from mama!


Day 29/January 29: We ventured out to the park late on Sunday afternoon. A couple of teenage boys accidentally kicked a soccer ball over the fence, and it rolled right to Charlotte. She was so excited to play with the ball, but I explained that the ball belongs to the boys and she has to give it back. The boy who came to fetch the ball bent down to her level and thanked her for giving him back the ball. She MELTED. Her shoulders scrunched high and her cheeks flushed. She smiled the biggest smile. She never took her eyes off of him as he walked away. #smitten


Day 30/January 30: Play time in the back yard on Monday after work. Her shirt says “Kindness Matters.” We all need that reminder–especially on a Monday.


Day 31/January 31: She saw the new Elmo book and climbed into the back of the car because she just had to have it.


Day 32/February 1: It’s almost time for bed, but mama is playing peek-a-boo and she can’t stop laughing.


Day 33/February 2: I realize that I pretty much only post happy pictures of this kiddo, and really, she is pretty happy–but we get an almost equal amount of this these days. This epic meltdown was brought to you by, “Mama won’t let me play in the car.”


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