18 Months


Charlotte is 18 months old. Can you believe that? Where do the days go?

I have no idea how tall she is except to say she’s tall. As tall (if not taller) than the 2 year olds on the playground.

As for weight, she is strong and healthy! We’ll get stats at the doctor in a few weeks.


The most frustrating thing at the moment is her eating. She is so picky. It’s maddening. Her diet right now pretty much consists of pancakes, oatmeal, pasta, dairy, fruit and the occasional bit of chicken. She will not eat a potato in any form. She will gladly suck the ketchup off of a French fry, but that’s as far as it goes. Don’t even bother to show her anything egg-based. Not gonna happen. I have no idea what to do with this.


Physically, she is all-go-no-slow. She would run and climb and swing all day if we let her. Outside is her happy place. I’ve said it before, but if I had to describe this kid in three words, they would be rough and tumble.


She has recently discovered the joy of piggy back rides. I pity the person who bends down anywhere in her vicinity, because she will be climbing up on their back before they know it. My mom bent down Monday morning to pick up a stick of chalk and in the blink of an eye, Charlotte had grabbed hold of her shoulders and was demanding, “Whee!”


She’s had a language explosion the last few weeks. At the beginning of January she had about 25 words, but at this point I’ve lost count. She’s adding new words constantly. My favorite part of this development is the singing. She knows about 1 line from several songs, now. If you sing “Twinkle twinkle little star,” she will sing, “Up above the world so high.” (OK, honestly, it sounds like UPPABUBDA mumble mumble.)” If you sing, “Old MacDonald had a farm” she will sing, “E-I-E-I-O.” I can’t believe I’m admitting to this publicly, but the newest song is “Let it Go” from Frozen. She’s been walking around the house for three days singing, “Let it go!” It’s absolutely adorable if you can get past the part about my 18 month old being addicted to Frozen. I’m not sure that I’ve been able to get past it yet, but I sure was grateful for Frozen this weekend when we had days on end of non-stop rain compounded by major teething misery, roof leaks, and the beginning of the flu for me. She likes to create her own mash ups of songs too, so you’ll often hear a round of, “Row row row let it go E-I-E-I-O!”


She has become a wild thing in the bathtub. For a long time we worried that she wasn’t going to like the water because she really wasn’t a fan of bath time. Now she comes running the minute she hears the water running and pitches an absolute fit when it’s time to get out—even if she’s shivering.


Unfortunately, swim classes haven’t gone nearly as well as bath time. We started lessons again 2 weeks ago thinking that she’d be all over it given the recent developments in the tub. Not so much. We’re going to stick with it for this round, but I think we might try a different swim school after this set of classes is over.

She loves her dogs. Hang around long enough, and you are bound to hear, “Hi dog!” or “Nice dog!” She will call for them, too. “Do-og!” The dogs are a bit less sure of their love for her. They’ve made great strides, but she can be a bit much for our senior hounds. We have to be very careful. That said, I am much less concerned with them hurting her than I am with her hurting them.


She has some sensory issues with clothing. It’s bizarre, but she HATES anything fluffy or fuzzy. For Christmas she got a little zip up hoodie that has some minky/faux fur-ish stuff on the front two panels and she FREAKS out the minute she sees it. The same with a fuzzy pink sweater. The other day, my lap was covered by a fuzzy blanket and she threw herself onto the floor screaming because she wanted to sit in my lap, but the blanket had to go. For now, we’re just sort of keeping an eye on it.

She is learning her animal sounds. Sometimes she gets it right, sometimes she doesn’t. I’ve been trying to get her on video because I want a record of how cute it is when we run through the animals and their sounds, but she’s not having it. I need to be a bit stealthier, I guess.


She shocked the hell out of me the other day when I drew a heart on her chalkboard and she pointed at it and said, “Heart!” My mom was there with me and we both did a double take. I drew another one and she did it again. I asked the nanny and she was just as surprised as we were. We think she picked it up from a flash card—we’re just surprised at how well it stuck!

Sleep is still a huge challenge. I was feeling pretty “at peace” with the status quo until I got sick. Now I’m realizing that this just isn’t healthy for me and it’s probably time to draw a line. I’m still mulling that over. Even if we can’t get her sleeping straight through the night, we at least need to get to a point where she’s willing to let Catch in on some of the nighttime fun. I think this flu is my body’s way of saying enough.

Overall, 18 months is just pure joy. She is a little person, now, with opinions all her own. It’s fascinating to watch as she discovers her voice. (Am I the only one who has to stifle the occasional laugh at the toddler meltdowns? SO MUCH DRAMA–I just can’t keep a straight face sometimes.)



5 thoughts on “18 Months

  1. I love the photos of her. Sounds like she’s got such a fun and sweet personality. The toddler tantrums though- they make me cringe. I’m glad you can find humour in them, because they can be so intense. It’s lovely to read your update. I’ve missed your awesome writing (not because you haven’t been posting, but because I have been so busy with my chaotic family).

  2. She sounds like she would get along well with my son- from being strong and active, to picky eating, to sing Old McDonald Had a Farm. Maybe if I ever make it out to LA to see my brother, we can have a playground date somewhere. Also, she just sparkles!

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