Remember how I said we were going to paint our ugly yellow den this weekend? Well, the universe heard us and decided that wasn’t enough of a challenge and that Charlotte’s most recent round of teething should be kicked up about a dozen notches.

In short: The weekend was hell.

One of Charlotte’s lower canines is coming in. Right now—and I’m not exaggerating—that tooth is a lump under her gums that is as big as her other teeth. It just won’t break through. I cringe when I see it.

All signs point to it being as painful as it looks. Our little girl has been miserable. She spent the weekend either clinging to me or screaming because she couldn’t cling to me. We tried everything. She only had eyes for me.

On a normal weekend, I could have handled that much more gracefully than I did this time. But we were supposed to be painting. We’d even arranged for my parents to come over after nap time all weekend so that they could watch her while we worked on the den. Unfortunately, she kicked and screamed and freaked the hell out anytime I wasn’t available to her. Including during her swim class, which we ended up leaving early.

She also stopped sleeping. I was lucky if I could get her to stay down for an hour at a time at night. All weekend. And it was a 3-day weekend. Which is great when you’ve been working your ass off all day painting a room (and parenting a toddler) and you’re drop dead exhausted to begin with.

I am tired. So tired. The only time I didn’t have a cranky toddler attached to me all weekend was spent painting.

But the room is painted and I wish I had some adequate before/after pictures, because I’d love to be sitting here staring at them today while I try to stay awake at work. All I can say is that the yellow is gone, and suddenly I find myself wanting to sit in there. It’s amazing the difference some paint can make! (We even painted the ceiling!)


Yellow. So much yellow. Goodbye forever. 

Getting started:

Really lousy primer:

Trim. Ugh. 

Before bed last night:


9 thoughts on “Paint

  1. We painted a room when Baby MPB was 6 weeks old (or maybe 8 weeks, I don’t really remember) and I thought we were crazy. But we did it then thinking it would only get harder the older baby MPB got.
    So for you to paint a room with a teething toddler, you are some combination of amazing and crazy! The end result is absolutely amazing! I hope you have many future relaxing family moments in that room!

    • I learned my lesson! The next time I paint a room, I’m going to take time off from work and do it during the day AFTER Charlotte starts preschool! And to think I thought we were crazy when we tackled the nursery when I was 36 weeks pregnant! Hah. That was nothing!

    • Teething really is just flat out awful. I was talking to a friend at work this morning about how you can’t really understand how awful it is until you’re in the midst of the experience. Nothing can prepare you for this pile of misery.

  2. Your poor baby girl, that sounds miserable. Are you getting any sleep at night? Teething always means rough nights for us. The paint looks good- much improved! We have to paint a big boy room and a bathroom within the next month- I am just supervising from afar due to pregnancy and paint fumes, but it’s stressful not being able to help since my spouse admittedly hates painting.

    • Last night, I was up with her every 45 minutes or so. The night before, it was roughly every hour. As tired as I am, I really just feel bad for her. This tooth is definitely the worst of the bunch so far. Girl, enjoy the pregnancy card. I used it when we did Charlotte’s room and I have no regrets!

  3. Nobody told pregnant me how a teething child would literally make u feel as though you are going insane. It’s. Awful. And the canines are freaking terrible, I swear I feel like u lose a good month of sleep on those four a-hole teeth. And when ur kid already isn’t a great sleeper? Yeah, it’s literal torture. And the clinging? Super awesome and probably what made someone coin the term misery loves company. Don’t worry, kids, we are right there with you.

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