Photo A Day Project: Days 6-12

I decided to try to take a photo a day with my DSLR for 100 days. Here’s this week’s batch!

Day 6/January 6: We walk the dogs after work every day. Charlotte likes to play a game in this particular driveway. She runs to the garage door and says, “Ready? Ready?” until you say, “Go!” and then she runs to you. Alternately, you can count, “1… 2… 3… GO!”


Day 7/January 7: In between rain showers, we had some outside time. She’s a goofball.


Day 8/January 8:  Two pictures today because I just couldn’t decide. We made bean dip that Charlotte ate with enthusiasm. The Packers won. We celebrated with a run around the back yard.


Day 9/January 9: We bought her a bubble blower at Disneyland to try to occupy her while we waited in line. It’s taken her a couple of weeks to warm up to it, but now she stands near it and demands, “Bubble. Bubble!” It (badly) plays music from the Little Mermaid. Fun.


Day 10/January 10: My dad came by for an unexpected visit one evening. Charlotte saw his car pull in and ran to the window with the biggest smile on her face. She loves her WayJoe.


Day 11/January 11: Sneaking through the doggie door while I’m trying to prepare her breakfast is her favorite right now.  (Please ignore our peeling back door. Previous owners used the wrong kind of paint. We’ll re-paint it someday. Sigh.)100days-jan11-2

Bonus from Day 11: Giving mama a high five after wiping her own face with her napkin like a big girl. This was the night she said, “Thank you” for the first time!


Day 12/January 12: I probably shouldn’t admit to this, but this kid is addicted to looking at pictures on our iPhones. Especially pictures of herself. She will pick up a phone and bring it to us demanding, “Baby! Baby!”


Notes this week: I’ve been having a lot of fun with this. I love having these snapshots of our daily life. I especially love being forced to choose just one moment (okay–sometimes two). One of the things I struggle most with when it comes to photography is narrowing it down. I keep waaaaaay too many photos and then they just sit there taking up space. This is a great way to force myself to pick what’s most important.

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11 thoughts on “Photo A Day Project: Days 6-12

  1. I love the captions. The brief note on context of each photo will really bring memories flooding back when you reflect on these in the future.

  2. She’s such a happy, wonderful girl!!! And hello, yes, every toddler meltdown can be halted with some full on narcissistic obsessing at photos and videos of themselves. 🙄 (There’s so many reasons to call Trump a toddler now that I really think about it…I digress…) I love this project idea! 📷

  3. Friend, I might have to do this with you! I missed one day, and only because i left my camera at my sisters Christmas Day, and she lives a state over, but I got one on my iPhone! I love that you can really see her character in this pictures. She looks like so much fun!

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