Rain, Rain

I’ve always loved the rain—probably mostly because I live in a city that gets so little of it. Southern California has been exceptionally dry for a long time. Many of us (Catch and I included) have allowed our front lawns to wither away to brown stubble because a) water is crazy expensive now, and b) there are better things to do with our precious water supply.

Someday (after we replace our roof), Catch and I will have the front yard re-landscaped with drought tolerant things that are prettier than dead grass, but in the meantime, we have become “those people” who mow their weedy lawn stubble on the weekends.

Having said that, we’ve actually had a highly unusual amount of rainfall recently. The rainy days are all running together at this point. Charlotte’s rain coat has taken up permanent residence by the front door, and her shoes are on a rotation schedule so that they have a chance to dry in between outings. (Because silly me thought rain boots would be mostly just for cute’s sake and therefore a total waste of money—color me wrong. Honestly, I felt the same way about rain coats, which is why I jumped for joy when her grandparents gave her one for Christmas!)

So we’re getting rain. Lots of it. And it’s wonderful because we need it so badly. It’s also wreaking a bit of havoc because when bone dry earth becomes over saturated, you end up with falling trees and mudslides and other lovely things. Also, no one in this city knows how to drive in the rain. Truly. Our local news turns to “Storm Watch” apocalypse-style coverage when there is a quarter inch predicted. We do not know how to do rain here.

Back to my point, though—I really do love the rain. Which is why it caught me a bit off guard today when I realized that I’m starting to feel sort of down for lack of a better word. I don’t really want the gray to go away, but it’s also kind of messing with my head a bit. They’re predicting sunshine this weekend, and I think it’ll probably be good for me. Especially since we’re painting the yellow cave this weekend. (I’m complaining about grey skies and missing sunshine, and yet we are painting our yellow room grey…)

And I realize that half of you are up in Canada and another third of you are in the northeast thinking that I had better shut my mouth about the Los Angeles version of “weather.” I apologize. We have a guest room—come visit. It’s yellow, too. Maybe you’ll like it more than I do.


12 thoughts on “Rain, Rain

  1. Oh girl I feel you because you are sending your dreary rain filled skies up to me. We don’t get snow but it is raining even now. Getting kids to and from the car is the worst and I have to rearrange plans to cause minimal trips in this. I can not imagine snow and ice though…BLECK!

  2. GOSH!!! I’ve been feeling the same way! I looove the rain but it (mentally/emotionally) kicks my a$s! Right before xmas when we had rain I would randomly burst into tears. I had my dr bump up my antidepressant but then went back down last week when it wasn’t raining anymore. Today I feel like I should probably bump it back up for my own sanity. It’s so hard to explain the love/hate relationship with the weather but I’m glad someone understands!!! Hope you feel better!

  3. Too much of any kind of weather is bad for me mentally, whether it is rain or snow. We had a gray snowy weekend and that depressed me. I need some sun with the gray days.

  4. So I may be in Canada where it is currently -22f, but put me in the rain and I’m miserable! I’m so cold when I’m soaking wet! I’d seriously rather this freezing dry cold over wet cold! That said, if you are getting warm rains, then I’d much rather be visiting you then stuck here in this deep freeze!
    My guest room is also yellow. You can come stay in it any time. 😊

  5. I’m from the southeast… where we just got “3 inches of snow” and the whole county shut down for five days… and we have a two hour delay tomorrow. We don’t know how to do snow… so I totally feel ya.

  6. Rain? Pobre de ti! I’d take grey rainy dreys over the tundra in a heartbeat. Hate cold. Though I loved the Pacific NW when I lived there after 6 years the grey got to me too so I do get it. I just can’t pity you. 😉

  7. I love rain and I love snow – something we have a lot of near the Great Lakes – but they lack of sunshine for days on end gets me down, too. I find its subtle, but a sunny day after a period of grey really picks up my spirits. I hope some rays shine through for you soon, even just to get that vitamin D boost again!

  8. Yesterday it was 66 degrees when i left work, but it was up to 72 in NY, which I am sure you know is BEYOND unusually warm for this time of year…and I was devastated. I wait all year for winter, and it’s the pits when the weather doesn’t do rainy and snowy. I get seasonal affective disorder but when i get TOO MUCH sunlight. I am absolutely miserable in the summers and pre-kids I was a hermit! I would sit INSIDE the boat all day playing cryptograms in puzzle books. I feel this so hard…(you guys could use the water for reals though!) Funny side story…my brother, being a NYer and we don’t worry about things like water ($28 bill for 2 months) rented a house with his best friend in the suburbs of LA. So the cops come knocking on their door and gave them a pretty hefty fine for their grass. Turns out my brothers grass was GORGEOUS, and he couldn’t figure out why his neighbors always drove by and gave him dirty looks as he stood on the lawn at 6pm OVER WATERING his lawn and plants. So he ended up walking around his neighborhood with soda and beer and margaritas in a rolling cooler, and a tin full of hot dogs and hamburgers to sort of “apologize” to his neighbors…when he sent me a picture of his block and asked me to “take a guess which one is mine” i damn near fell out laughing. It was seriously a sea of bright neon green grass in a sullen wasteland of grass death! Hilarious!

    • That’s hilarious!!!! We do have watering restrictions. Automatic sprinklers can only be used twice a week for ten mins. More than that and you get fined. And of course when it’s over 100 for weeks on end, that’s just not going to do crap, so that’s why we threw in the towel on the front lawn. The back–well they can’t see what we do in the back! We keep that green for Charlotte and the dogs. I’m jealous of your water bill! My most recent bill was double that, but it’s winter so that’s actually low! Summer is much higher. Also, I feel you on summer sun. I so sick of the sunshine by august. Plus being so fair I have to be so careful when I’m out in it. My sunscreen bill is insane! And our summer basically runs June-October. UGH.

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