Photo A Day Project: Days 1-5

As I said a few days ago, I decided to try to take a photo a day with my DSLR for 100 days. I’m going to try to post weekly on Fridays.

Day 1/January 1: Opening presents with Auntie (one of our best friends)


Day 2/January 2: We agreed that January 2nd felt more like New Year’s Day than the first did because the Rose Parade was on the 2nd this year.


Day 3/January 3: Catch made Charlotte a twinkle light box. She spent most of her time yanking the lights out of the holes.


Bonus shot – also day 3: Playing with the new fairy lights that I am totally obsessed with and will soon have EVERYWHERE in our house.


Day 4/January 4: She has been getting CRAZY in the tub lately. Too crazy.


Day 5/January 5: Building a box fort with mamas. Cardboard boxes were our thing this week–Christmas came with SO MANY boxes!



8 thoughts on “Photo A Day Project: Days 1-5

  1. Great start! I love the twinkle lights shot especially and want to make one of those for our kids now. They both have the kindness matters shirt too, so maybe I can really go all Single White Female on you. 😉

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