Cut Short

On New Year’s Day very early in the morning, our good friend’s daughter (25) and the daughter’s wife (30) were driving home. They were in an accident, and the wife was killed. There’s a long story there, but I don’t really feel like it’s mine to share. The details are getting enough publicity as they’re peppered throughout our local news.

I’ve known my friend for about 10 years. We worked together for much of that time. She was my work wife. I remember her daughter’s senior portraits. I made her save the date announcements. She wore my veil in their wedding about a year and a half ago.

I can’t even fathom this loss they’re facing. It’s practically all I’ve thought about for days, now. I think about how lost I’d be if something happened to Catch. I can’t imagine losing my wife. Last night, my friend texted me and said, “My 25 year old daughter should not have to plan her spouse’s funeral.” Indeed. My heart aches for them.

Drive safely out there, my friends. May we all be so fortunate as to always make it home to our loved ones.




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