This is the view from my mother in law’s toilet. 

Closer up

So now we poop in the presence of the holy mother holding her dead (dying?) son. Cool. 

Charlotte can now climb out of her pack n play. I discovered this when I put her down after my in laws’ Christmas dinner and by the time I closed the door and turned on the baby monitor, there was no baby in the pack n play. She met me at the door. 

There’s a meme about how sleeping with a toddler is like sleeping with a drunk octopus looking for its keys. Sometime around 3 am, Catch looked at me as Charlotte was thrashing about and whispered “drunk octopus.”

Christmas was lovely. Everything was an absolute whirlwind of getting from point a to point b, and our house looks like a hurricane came through, but we keep saying what a nice Christmas it was. We’re taking today to recover and drink copious amounts of coffee. 

I hope all your holidays have been wonderful!


10 thoughts on “Tidbits 

  1. That bathroom, though? Yikes! I would feel obliged to start every “session” with a “Forgive me Father, but I’m about to sin”… glad you all had a happy Christmas, Dying Bathroom Jesus aside…

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