I am heartbroken.

It’s bigger than a Donald Trump presidency, though. Much bigger.

I can’t wrap my head around the hate in this country. I don’t understand it. So much hate and divisiveness. Bigotry. Narcissism.

Us versus them.

But we are all us—and we are all them. How is it that half of this country can’t see that?

I held my daughter at midnight last night and I cried. What kind of future will this leave for our children? This man has no respect for women or minorities. He doesn’t “believe” in global warming. He wants to take away the legal protections that marriage provides to thousands of families like mine.

Even worse, the bigotry has been given a megaphone. It’s mob mentality. They feed off of each other as they spew hate toward those of us who follow a different path in life.

Today, I am tired and hurting.

Tomorrow, I ready myself for four years of battle.



7 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. I will fight the fight with you and anyone else who becomes a target of this man and his supporters. This simply is not a world I want to live in and most definitely not the world I want to raise my son in. Sending so much love to you and your amazing family.

  2. I love you friend, truly, and today of all days, in the aftermath of this ridiculously nasty cycle, I’ll bask in that. I the light and energy i feel of possible hope and change by those of us the most deeply effected. I love so hard, and this decision wont change that!

  3. I love you. Please know that. I love you and I’m here for you and your family.

    I’m going to fucking fight, I swear to you. I will. I don’t know how, and I can’t even stop grieving for you and for my LGBTQ+ family and friends and my POC friends long enough to take that step forward yet, but when I’m done crying and having an identity crisis, I WILL FIGHT. I am here.

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