I’ve been off of Facebook for a week. Here’s what I noticed from my little social media experiment:


  • My anxiety and stress levels have been greatly reduced. Being removed from the constant stream of politics and news (and the comments on those things!) has obviously helped my overall mood.
  • I’ve been more productive at work.
  • In my down time, I’m spending more time doing things like knitting—last night, I even picked up a real book.
  • I actually sat down and created/ordered a photo book from our pumpkin patch visit. (I am SO BAD about doing anything with the zillions of photos we take.)


  • I really miss my people. I miss seeing what my friends and family are up to.
  • Similarly, I miss sharing Charlotte with my family. Facebook is the only way much of my family gets to see her, and it’s important to me that I can foster some kind of connection between them.

That said, I reset my password and signed on this morning for the first time since last Tuesday. The first thing I did was unsubscribe from Scary Mommy, the Huffington Post, and my local news station. Even so, as I started reading, I immediately felt that familiar low level anxiety wash over me. I felt pretty overwhelmed by all of it, so I walked away. I tried to go back to it all a few hours later, but it felt much the same way.

While I ate my lunch, I left a bunch of groups, and culled my list of friends. It’s a start, I guess.

I’m really glad I did this. I learned a lot about why I’m drawn to social media and it’s forced me to really think about how I’m using it.


10 thoughts on “Anti-Social

  1. When Brian was born I pared down my friend list a lot. It really does help to simplify social media. Kids really help flush out what’s most important in our lives.

  2. I’m glad that you feel like your break was worth it and it sounds like you’ve got a good direction to move in! I do a friend’s list cull every year or two, mostly to remove people I don’t actually know at all and people who post stuff that stresses me out. It’s good mental health practice for sure!

  3. I’m not in any groups at all, and I unfollow people all the time. I even took myself off the Clinton lists a while back, I got sick of the constant group posts. Makes social media so much more pleasant!

  4. Im so ready to cut off all of my social media but get anxiety about not maintaining the relationships that I love and enjoy so much because i’m very much “outta sight, outta mind” unless of course someone is very good about reciprocating me reaching out to them…so i would love to leave all of the anxiety and negativity, but hate to leave the actual connections, because you know, full time working mom with 4 kid and limited time makes it really difficult to connect with people if it’sot via SM…it sucks!

    • I am much the same as far as out of sight, out of mind! That’s why I decided in the end that I can’t just ditch facebook altogether.Hopefully the little changes I’m making will help. I also know it will get a bit better once election season is behind us. I can’t even believe the amount of anxiety/outrage/disgust I have about the election, and it doesn’t help that my family and Catch’s family are all republicans. Ugh.

      • I think that’s the biggest thing. Most of the people that are on my feed are all Hillary supporters so it’s been pretty good convo, but there are friends whose entire families are are republic, and they are in a same sex relationship with kids and are taking it very personal, but voting is a very personal thing and as much as we wanna judge, to each their own, ya know, but it gets under my skin…this elections is just such fuckery! But, i hear ya…im certain once it;’s done, FB will get back to being the life sucking black hole that it is, with only a quarter of the anger….

  5. OK so when you said you cut down your friend list I went and made sure I was still on it because yes….paranoid…HA! Lately I have found that I am having a serious dislike for FB. I wonder why everyone has to ask for 6000 opinions on how to raise their children, where to eat dinner, where to take vacation etc…..when did people stop thinking for themselves?

  6. I’ve done this before and had similar feelings to you. I think I need to delete a bunch of people and just keep those that I am really close with. Reading this gave me that push! Thanks!

  7. I agree! I unsubscribed from Scary Mommy because I have a weakness for reading sad / scary parenting articles. I hate it, but I can’t seem to help it. And that site is nothing if not a constant source of mommy anxiety and mommy guilt. Good for you!!

    • Also, as someone who doesn’t live near my family, I’m trying to start a monthly email “newsletter” to send to family with baby updates and such. We’ll see how it goes…

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