As of 7 am today, our plan was to go camping this weekend. It wasn’t the ideal weekend to go because Catch can’t take Friday off, but we really wanted to go camping so we were going to suck it up and deal with it. We also had a really lousy site, but it was all we could get if we wanted to go to our favorite campground.

Then, miracle of miracles, I got an email about an hour ago that a camp site came available for NEXT weekend. 1) Catch already has next Friday off, and 2) the site is INFINITELY better than the one we were going to be stuck at this weekend. It took us all of 3 seconds to decide to go next weekend instead. Now it feels like this trip was meant to be rather than just something we were trying to force to happen. I love it when a plan comes together.

Unfortunately, it means I have to wait another week to be here, but I think the wait will be worth it.

We have a small park with a small playground walking distance from our house. We’ve always felt safe there because it is literally the back yard of our police station, library and city council offices.

Naturally, our “safe” feeling was too good to be true.

The other day, Catch was at the playground with Charlotte after work and she heard yelling. She stood there and watched as the ice cream truck parked outside the entrance to the playground was robbed by a group of idiot kids.

The ice cream truck.

You could have tripped over that ice cream truck and fallen into the police station, so I am absolutely floored that these idiots were so brazen. Nothing is sacred.

Although it’s still 90+ degrees outside, we’re trying really hard to get into the fall spirit around here. On Sunday, Catch interrupted our Sesame Street marathon (it was just one of those days) for some outside craft time. It was hot, so little miss got to paint in her swimsuit and clean off in her kiddie pool afterward. I am so grateful that Catch forced us to move from the den and do something. And now I have more fun things to hang in my office.

My mom sews, and she made every single one of my Halloween costumes when I was growing up—and even a few as an adult. My costumes were always fantastic. As a result, when I am thinking of Charlotte’s Halloween costumes, I put a lot of pressure on myself to make them rather than buy them. There may come a day when it’s not possible, but I will always at least try.

The trouble is that I don’t really sew. I mean, I can sew a few squares together and make a pillow, but that’s about the extent of it. So my options are fairly limited unless I want to send my daughter trick or treating as a throw pillow.

I can, however, knit. I’m not crazy enough to knit her entire costume, but I am knitting an integral piece of it… and bonus, she’ll be able to wear it for other purposes.

I just have to get it done, which is the real problem.

(I’ll give you one guess what Charlotte’s going to be for Halloween.)


Speaking of getting things done, I am taking a break from Facebook starting today. Rather than deactivating my account, I had Catch change my password.

I have a lot of reasons for taking a break. One particularly glaring one being that it is the ultimate tool for procrastination, and given that life is a bit full right now, I don’t have time for procrastination.

Also though, I’ve come to realize that Facebook rarely makes me feel good these days. I love to see bits of my friends lives and share in their every day—that’s the happy part—but that’s the minority of what’s in my feed lately. It’s been taken over by (bad) news and politics, both of which really only serve to increase my blood pressure and add to my already troublesome anxiety.

Normal people can shrug that stuff off, but I’ve always been incredibly sensitive to it. I internalize things. Facebook has become toxic for me in a lot of ways, and until I find a better way of managing that, I need to step away.

So there you have it. That’s the news from this neck of the woods. Hope you’re all doing well. Happy Tuesday.


16 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. When you said camping, I did not picture those beautiful shots you posted. I guess I’m used to Midwest camping haha! It looks like a great spot and I hope you all enjoy it very much! I love the little crafts, I enjoy days on the couch binge watching shows but it’s always nice when you can get out and do something different.

  2. I’m SO happy that the camping worked out. Also, I hear you on Facebook. I’ve found that I’ve retreated from posting and commenting because it doesn’t feel like a warm fuzzy place to be. Even the pics I post of my kid always get some crazy comment from my aunt. It feels like it should be a safe place to vent, share, and celebrate, since they are “friends”, after all, but when it does anything other than feel good – I’m with you on tuning out. There are other more controllable means of hearing opposing views. Ugh. I feel icky just thinking about it. Are you on Instagram? Come be with me. Shower me with your adorable daughter.

    • I’ve gotta say, my FB break has been wonderful and I’m only starting day 4. It was definitely the right thing to do. Instagram for the win. It’s a much tamer place to be.

  3. I hear you on the FB! I’ve unfollowed and hidden a lot of posts for the very reasons you mention. Next step will be a fb break.
    I’ve found my tolerance for politics and bad news has gone well down since having bub. I know the world isn’t all just flowers and unicorns, but I’d like to not bring the reality into my home life.
    Hope you have a fantastic time camping, it looks lovely!

    • It’s the same for me–things didn’t used to get to me quite so much pre-Charlotte. Now, it just weighs on me. The FB break was definitely the right choice for me. I’m starting day 4 and I genuinely feel lighter.

  4. I love it when plans come together is a way that feels “meant to be”. Here’s to a delightfully relaxing camping trip!
    Facebook, yeah. Totally. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think most people shrug it off. I think we’re all pretty strongly affected by the constant stream of information/interaction/validation/insults/etc., given how many times I see people stepping back for a break, or culling their “friend’s” lists. I think it’s pretty normal to be strongly affected by this stuff! Good for you for the self care, I hope you’re able to find the balance you’re looking for.

    • Catch actually heard a story on NPR this morning about how 53% of Americans feel really stressed about the election and 70% of those people blamed social media for feeling overwhelmed by it all. I guess I am not alone! I have to say–4 days in to my Facebook ban, and I am actually feeling really good. I miss the friendly side of things, but I really do feel lighter the last few days.

  5. An ice cream truck? That is in-cone-ceivable! What did they want, cold hard cash? Did they get it with strobbery sauce? Take the goods and split? Hope they wear their sundae best when they appear in court to defend themselves.

    I mean, um, enjoy your breaks. They sound exactly right. Truly.

  6. I so want to go camping with your family! Those photos look amazing! I’m glad your camping trip is coming together so well!
    As for fb, I deleted mine years ago and I’ve never regretted it. I only used it to procrastinate and stopped seeing the point.
    And who the heck robs an ice cream truck? Sometimes I worry about our world….
    And lastly, we just got blanketed in snow and are pulling out our winter clothing and just bought baby MPB a snow suit. Needless to say I’d give anything for 90 degrees, I cream and beach camping!!! I need to come visit you. 😊

    • I’m just starting day 4 of no Facebook and it feels great. Catch actually called me this morning to tell me that NPR did a piece this morning about how 52% of Americans feel totally stressed about the election, and 70% of those felt that social media was the primary reason they were feeling so stressed. I guess I am not alone!

    • Yes, Elmo! Great guess from very little information! Haha

      This particular campground is actually on a cliff overlooking the beach, so the sites themselves are shrouded by oak and sycamore trees–it still gives you the woodsy feeling even though you’re at the beach. Like the best of both worlds! I’m not a fan of camping directly on the beach because a) no shade and b) SAND. No way I’d do that now that we have Charlotte!

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