Our plan is to start Charlotte at a daycare/preschool next August/September. La la la… that’s a year away… we’ll deal with it later.

Except, we won’t deal with it later because WAIT LISTS.

Every single preschool in this damn city has a wait list. Apparently, we should have started shopping for preschool before we started our baby registry.

Catch and I have spent the week researching preschools that are a) close to home (because we both work in opposite directions of each other and I will be doing drop off but she will be doing pick up), b) affordable, and c) not hell holes/have good reviews.

We came up with a list this week and Catch started a spreadsheet and began contacting each school to inquire about wait lists, tuition, tours, etc. As we were sitting on the grass playing with Charlotte in the back yard the other night, we discovered that we were both drawn to one particular school. It’s a larger school with a gorgeous campus, a beautiful play area, farm animals and a huge swimming pool. It has five star ratings everywhere we’ve looked, and it’s 1.7 miles from our house.

I figured this place was a pipe dream. No way could we afford it and no way was she getting anywhere near that place before kindergarten.

THEN, we found out that we CAN afford this place AND they said she’ll have no trouble getting in as long as we fill out an application when we do our tour in a few weeks.

Christmas came early, folks. CHAMPAGNE FOR EVERYONE!

I am so fucking relieved.

My kid may not sleep worth a damn, but she is going to get into preschool and I did not have to sell a kidney. #momwin

9 thoughts on “Preschool

  1. I’m so impressed they start preschool that early! We don’t start until 3 here so Charlie will start in the fall of 2018, and it’ll probably have to be private because the public school programs give first preference to kids from underprivileged backgrounds/kids of disabilities, which is legit. I’m so glad you found one you love!

  2. Wait. WHAT?
    Wait list?
    There’s SO MUCH I don’t know about life.
    I’m gonna start researching on that – we’re also planning for next year – I’m sure they’re all about applications from unemployed parents… right?

    Congratulations, btw!!!!

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